Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Already

Been under the weather this week so that's why I haven't been posting. Although there's not been too much to write about anyway so I'll just do a quick catch up while my eyes are open.

Tueps: received a $20 payment yesterday which was requested 2 days prior. Next time I get to $20, I might just re-purchase again. Good to see the member count increasing slowly too.

DailySharePro: noticed today that my first spend which was made on day one is already up to 81.4% back from my deposit. And as far as I know, I haven't missed a day of surfing. Easy to click one button and get it done.

ACX: withdrawal request made 186 hours ago... pending.
Also have a pending for 2 days in the old Click Paid side.
Well, maybe this new ClickDraw thing they have running will bring in enough revenue for them to do a few payouts. One could only hope.

Oh hey... supposed to be warm and sunny on Sunday for the Broncos game. They're predicting a high of 60F but Sunday is a long way away and things can change in a heartbeat around here.

Seems like I'm forgetting to tell you something but am clueless at the moment. Maybe once the drugs wear off I'll remember. 


Randy V said...

Hope you are feeling better today. I know its horrible to feel bad and just out of it. I hope you feel better soon.

Go Broncos!!

blondie said...

Thanks Randy
Yep, am going out for more drugs today. Gonna try something different since nothing is working yet.

Go Broncos!!

dr.capoon said...

If I may ease your pain a little bit by reporting a category that is not even measured in ACX.
I envy you guys for those pending's, as I for sure have close to 400 hours of "reaching daily limit" on all processors.

I am not sure in fact if I should envy anyone, as this way I won't get mad, disappointed and frustrated after they shift my pending to X wallet like it was some three or four weeks ago, regardless the fact that I did not qualify for so called "free panels". That shift was introduced simply to erase amount of pending requests.

What a BS admin and even worse program this has turned to.

Anyway, get better a.s.a.p., we miss your thoughts on a daily basis.

blondie said...

Hey DrC,
I've only been "lucky" when using STP. EgoPay has never worked.
Can't argue with your other sentence either.

Thanks for the get well.
I am planning to feel better tomorrow.
Think my plan will work?

Night Night

Henry said...

I agree...I've also only been 'lucky' using STP...maybe that should be rule one when considering a programme.

Take care and rest...Stroke a cat - my cat Littley knows when I'm a bit 'down' and butts me and there's a little tinkle in his purr :)

Went off to see a show in 'our' Birmingham and he watched me driving off (little pointy ears at the window) when I came back, he was waiting for me and spent the rest of the night lying on my was very comforting, for both of us I think.



blondie said...

Well we know STP rules are changing and "Long Term" programs will be better suited for them.
I have my eye on one now and although it's not new, it still has good potential.

I know what you mean about the cats. Mine are usually in the window when I get home too and can't wait for me to sit down so they can climb all over me, lol

Maybe tomorrow I'll be well enough to join you in a glass of wine :)