Friday, January 3, 2014

Here's an Eye Opener

Look what I woke up to this morning!

Besides Police cars everywhere blocking my street, there were two officers with their K-9 Unit scouring the farm behind my house. One of them was carrying his rifle too. Kind of a scary scene when you first open your eyes.
I'll try to find out later what was going on.

* OK, a neighbor who used to work for the Sheriff's dept told me: "Don't leave your vehicle running and unlocked." So all the commotion this morning was all about a stolen vehicle and the guy took off on foot. The stolen car was parked directly across the St. from me so it's possible that he ran through my yard (since I have no fence) then off into the open farm. Creepy eh?

Just had another thought... Wonder how many cow pies he stepped in while running away? lol


TUEPS: as I reported last night, received my first payment from Tueps yesterday. First of many I hope :)

DailySharePro: just finished surfing and received another 1.2% for today.

ACX: my withdraw request made yesterday morning is still pending. Fingers crossed on that one.


Anonymous said...

Stay safe, lock your doors and don't open them to strangers. :)


blondie said...

Yes ulurtz,
always try be safe but you just never know.
Sort of wish I had that dog here. That would make me feel better.
Thanks :)

HermitJim said...

OK...fess up! What have you been up to? Can't leave ya alone for a minute, can we?

Seriously, you keep a watch out!

blondie said...

Funny you said that Jim.
That was my first thought too since they appeared to be surrounding my house! "What did I do?" :o
Anyway, they're gone now so must have called off the dogs.
I hope to hear about it on the news later though.
Happy Friday!