Monday, January 20, 2014


Tueps: it's Monday and looking forward to cycling again tonight.

DailySharePro: received two more payments yesterday and today. Thanks Admin, great job!

What follows this picture ...

ACX: as soon as I logged on today, I noticed a payment received from ACX. Well that's cool :)

Then I realized it was the payment from the withdraw request that I just made last night!
How the heck did that happen?

Well, according to their latest member update:
Preferential Treatment to Marketers
That's right, ACX is now giving preferential treatment to
Marketers of ACX products and services - whenever a 
withdrawal is requested from a referral balance, the system
now pays these withdrawals first.

Lucky for me, a few of my referrals from years ago are still purchasing and re-purchasing so little by little, I got to the minimum of $30 payout. Amazing!

Note: my regular AdPack withdraw is now:


On another note: one of my friends was one of the 3 Winners in the ClickDraw drawing from last weekend. The problem is, in order to receive the funds you need to follow the instructions given in the email they send you.
Well guess what? He has not received that email yet.
Go figure :(

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