Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Humor For Your Saturday

I don't usually laugh this early in the morning, but when I opened this email from my friend Paul (in Hawaii), just had to share it with you :)

Yes... it does matter ..."where" ... you put the price tag!!!

OK, let's get to business, lol

ProfitWinter: had a promo going this morning but changed it quickly. Here's their latest update:

We decided to change our weekend promo due to possible misconceptions.Nevertheless, members who took our previous offer received their matching bonuses.

The new Weekend promo we believe is more fun.

Members who post their payments in our forums or Facebook and include the word "Weekend" in their posts will receive random monetary prize awards send directly to their e-currency account. We will pick the winners randomly from the 3 major forums MMG, DTM, TG and our Facebook group.

Enjoy your Weekend,

Solid Trust Pay and Exchangers: Since fewer programs are being approved to use STP's services, someone asked me the other day which exchanger they should use to move funds from STP to EgoPay (for instance). I sent him to the one on my side bar (which is first on stp's list) but just found this list at STP that may be helpful to you.

SolidTrust Pay Verified Exchangers

As we come closer to Christmas, many of our members may be looking at using E-Currency Exchangers to transfer funds online.
To make this process simple and safe, here is an up-to-date list of SolidTrust Pay approved and Verified Exchangers who are ready to assist you with exchanges from STPay to other E-Currencies:

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