Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Dave

Today is my Son's Birthday but unfortunately he's stuck in Minnesota on a business trip freezing his buns off. Poor thing.
Olivia (with help from her Mom) made a really cute video for him which I'm sure made his Birthday extra special.
Happy Birthday Dave!
We all miss you and love you and we'll see you this weekend to celebrate! Oh and... Peace Out, lol


TUEPS: we did cycle last night right on schedule and one of my referrals just bought a new position. Thanks to whoever did that.
Congratulations, you have earned a commission at TUEPS!

DailySharePro: surfed and earned 1.1% today.

My friend Gene, who was one of the Winners of the ACX ClickDraw contest did finally receive the email on how to "Claim the Prize".
He's working on that as we speak, so hopefully he'll be a few dollars richer before too long.

As for me, still waiting on a regular AdPack withdraw (not RC) for 287 hours as of now. Oh well. We sit and wait.

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ld randi said...

I am late but... happy Birthday Dave! :-)