Tuesday, December 31, 2013

365 Days - 365 Posts - I Did It

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2013 (364)
and today makes 365

Not trying to pat myself on the back but I did it!!
Have not missed one day of blog posting all year!
Yes, that was my New Years Resolution for 2013 and I still can't believe that I actually accomplished it.
So Cheers to me and Thanks to everyone who's been around this year reading my: some good, some not so good, and some nonsense posts :)
I do appreciate every one of you and wish you all a fantastic
New Years Eve!

TUEPS: main page has a new professional look today and I like it a lot. Maybe it will help grab the attention of others searching the web.
As for me, I did purchase some positions yesterday which cycled last night, plus I was fortunate enough to have a referral do the same. Happy to report I earned enough to request a payout, which I did and will let you know when I receive it :)

Pnenow: site is supposed to go down tonight.
If there is any information you need from it, be sure to copy or screen print before it's too late.

DailySharePro: earned another 1.3% for today. This just never gets old, lol

Thinking about ACX... (problem after problem)

Speaking of singing, I heard that Billy Joel was going to ring in the New Year tonight on the Dave Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve Show. I might stay up to watch that but no promises. Wonder what song he'll sing? Any ideas?
I was thinking Piano Man but that may be too calm for the occasion. Well, you may be wrong but you may be right. (wink)


Anonymous said...

i been with you all 365 days the first thing i do when i get home from work see whats new on line with you . have a very safe new yr and my 2014 bring us some good on line $$$ and less scams

jay z in Richmound mi

Wesley said...

Congrats Judy. It's been a difficult year in the money making arena, but you have made it a better place! Happy New Year!

blondie said...

Hi'ya Jay, that's too cute!
Blondie's before TV? Love it!
Thanks a lot and am always happy to share what's goin here.
Here's to a prosperous 2014!

Hey Wesley, Thanks buddy :)
Yeah it sure has been a difficult year but it's almost over, TG.
Let's focus now on starting fresh.
Cheers and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

happy new year from the west coast, just read your blog and watched Billy Joel at Shea stadium my only child was there back scenes, she works for a film company and gets to go to lots of concerts in NYC..She said it was awesome and exciting, got to meet him and said he acted like a regular person not a celebrity which to her and us is rare, Happy New Year, much success, money, love joy and peace, from mary jane and elli from tniy Vancouver (USA) Washington! cheers!

blondie said...

Wow, how cool is that!
I would love to meet Billy Joel but chances are I never will.
Thanks for the visit and Happy New Year to you Mary Jane and Elli and of course your daughter!

Randy V said...

Judy...Happy New Year!!

Pat yourself on the back and tell yourself that its from me....long distance!!!

I'm so glad that you accomplished the goal you set and I know, like many others, I look forward to reading what you have to say..especially the Beatles music.

I hope you have a great 2014 and its the best ever.

I'm looking forward to good things this year and I'm glad to some great advice for great programs that are to come.

Have a great day! Its football, football and then more football for me.


Gord said...

Happy New Year Judy,

Congrats on your awesome

Good health and much success
for 2014

Greetings from the Great White

blondie said...

Hey Randy,
Thanks for the long distance back pat... I'll take it, lol
Enjoy your football today since playoffs are right around the corner, won't be much longer.
New Year Cheers!

Gordon Gordon,
Thanks and stay warm!
I heard my cold was coming your way, if it's not there already.
Happy New Year to you and yours and keep up your own great work with your Biz blog too ;)

ld randi said...

happy new year Blondie to you and your family!
and congratulations for accomplishing your goal for 2013, it has been great to come here on your blog and read your posts on a daily basis!

blondie said...

Happy N Y to you too Randi
and Thanks for the congrats!
I almost slipped a couple of times but managed to catch myself at the last hour, lol
Have a great Holiday!