Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Weekend

Before I get to writing, to: PurpleColumbine
I cannot reply to your emails. They are being rejected by your server. Meant to tell you a week ago when it first happened, but forgot.

On the fourth day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me

Four days of fun
Three cash outs
Two contest wins
and a half percent ho-ur-ly :)

Was paid again this morning as usual.
Thanks Admin!
========== surfed and earned 1% today.
Felt I had enough built up for a cash out, so requested one.

12DaysofXmas again:
"This is a quick weekend update.

No winner will be announced for the Testimonials Contest, we apologise for informing you so late but the response was less than we hoped it would be. We would still welcome them coming though please!

This update was to have come your way yesterday but there was just so much to do and personally, it is a very busy time of the year for us as it is for you all. Hopefully the following contests will make you forgive us.

As you are all aware we are operating without any monitors/expensive advertising. We prefer to keep the money in the house! There is an even more important reason, if every member steps up and engages them self, that's an extremely powerful movement that money cannot buy and we'll all get far better results than "cold ads" and impersonal monitoring services.

Referral Contest Cash Give-away:

Any member that has more than 10 active NEW referrals starting today will win a cash prize of $30.

Any member who has 5 referrals from their old downlines convert to active status will win a cash prize of $15.

The contest starts now and ends Monday midnight EST.

We hope all you promoters that take up a lot of our time contacting us on chat, PMs in FB and skype take note of this contest and the second one. Instead of asking for $2 deposits, sign up for free, you don't need to have a deposit to earn and you earn a neat stash. What do you prefer, $2 or $5 or hundreds of dollars?

Posting Contest Cash Give-away:

Now for the second contest (a little birdie suggested we replace the testimonial one with something like this) So this is a posting contest. Every day we will choose 3 exciting payment posts. Those will win $1 each. If the same member gets picked 5 times, they will win an extra $5.

One final note. Some who have had their accounts disabled have mailed us and explained their actions, so we have decided that depending the severity of the situation their accounts will be suspended for a set amount of days and then reactivated. Those who were blatantly out to cheat will not have their accounts unsuspended.

That's enough to keep you and us busy for now! Santa will get on his sleigh and bring more profits your way.

Have a fun-filled weekend.
Admin team"


HermitJim said...

Hey, I didn't know you could sing! You go, girl!

blondie said...

Well I love to sing.
Too bad I can't carry a tune though, lol
Cheers Jim