Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Sevens

Seven's always catch my eye. Lucky numbers?

Had some time to kill last night so I decided to go do a little surfing over at ShowBizHits Traffic Exchange. Right after I logged in I got this giant advertisement with a bunch of 7's in it. What could it be?

Well, they're offering 7,777 Site credits, 77,777 Banner credits and 77,777 Text ad credits all for... $9.77 via PayPal. That's a smokin deal if you ask me so yes, I went ahead and bought all those 7's.

Wanted to share with you but wasn't sure how long that offer would be available, so I asked Lisa in the chat window while I was surfing. "A couple more days" was her reply. So today and tomorrow it should still be there just in case you're interested.

ACX: I've surfed the site yesterday and today. In the MEDIA side, I have not received any DSP (daily sales profit) for either day. Anybody else having the same problem?

Speaking of 7: I've cycled 7 times so far in TUEPS and tomorrow is another cycling day. And just so you know, EgoPay will be added as a pay processor soon.


RJ said...

I have not received any DSP on both for 2 days, put in WD now waiting for 51 hours, they will never pay, sits there till next shift, always hope but it never happens

blondie said...

I have gotten the DSP in the Ad side, but not the Media side.
They sure are screwed up.

Good Luck with your withdraw request and let us know if you receive it!

RJ said...

Took 90% of Media Packs and cancelled wdraw again, will have enough in 2 days to do another wd, see what happens then, but seems a waste of time and energy.

blondie said...

If they take 90% of mine, I won't be able to w/d for months, lol
I'll check my account in a few and write about it later today.
Thanks the news RJ :)