Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

I've never been superstitious about Friday the 13th. It's just another day so no reason to worry any more than I normally do, lol

Now that I think of it, this day usually brings me something good, so no fear here. Bring it on!

On the third day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me
Three cash outs
Two contest wins
and a half percent ho-ur-ly :)

Yep, received 2 more payments while I was sleeping so a total of 3 now. This sure is going nice and fast and the Admin is doing a fantastic job!

"We have received some concerns over payouts and would like to address this first. We will be doing payouts every 12 hours at 7am EST and 7pm EST. Sometimes this might take a few minutes more as we scrutinize over the withdrawals in there to make sure cheaters and rule breakers do not take advantage of our members.

With that said we have found many who have violated our Rules as per our terms and/or FAQ page. We have disabled their accounts and will not tolerate such behavior from any member!

The following users have had their accounts disabled.

(me: I am not posting the list here. It's in your email if wish to see it)

Admin Team"

DailySharePro: surfed and earned a comfortable 1.3% today.

(left blank cause I thought I was gonna have something else to say, but maybe not)

Oh I remember now... Those who have joined might want to Log Into your account and find the "click to activate" button. I see members with positions ready to cycle BUT they are inactive. So go do that right now before you forget!!

ACX: didn't even get a courtesy email telling me WHY they cancelled my withdraw request.

Let's Celebrate Daily Withdrawals:
Now that the most recent XpressShift is done, we are seeing
withdrawals taking place every day, and members are reporting
them online.  We hope you all will post on the ACX social
media sites when you get your withdrawals, because that will be
an encouraging sign for anyone who might still be waiting on
the sideline.


Wesley said...

I will have earned enough in ACX to request a withdrawal after tonight's cycle. I guess it's not likely I will get it as they will cancel a couple times then do another restart.

blondie said...

Yes but don't forget it's Friday so after tonight's cycling the withdraw requests will be shut down for the weekend :(
Good Luck on Monday!

dr.capoon said...

I don't think it is going to be worth of any effort or time to request a withdrawal from this incompetent lying admin.
I can't see anyone with any brain funding ACX, no matter what stupid email encouragement comes, except from some not informed. So none is funding and several thousands are trying to withdraw. It is an impossible situation.

Besides I bet he is gathering funds for his new domain and new design, and it is going already for 3-4 weeks now, right after he announced those 3% daily (anyone knows it is unbearable for ACX). The worse admin ever (in my career) will be back.

Our biggest problem is if he decides to come back with brand new name and new program that is not connected to JBP/PC/ACX, as that way we won't know if he stands behind it and some might fall into his new trap.
If we are going to be fortunate enough for him to advertise it as a fourth generation of this disaster, we might just avoid him in his next move. Otherwise I'm not sure about that.