Sunday, December 8, 2013


Arrived home really late last night and TG my old Jeep got me here. Good thing I had nowhere to go today so was able to sleep in. I'm just not used to these late nighters anymore, lol

12DaysofXmas: here's a fun update from last night:

Christmas is a time for sharing and that is exactly what we are doing this year. 12 Days of Christmas isn't just another boring program. We aim to make this Christmas fun and exciting for everyone! To achieve this we have added 5 banners spots to the home page that will be awarded to members for certain activities. The first round will be given to the top 5 referrers at the time of launch.

We have plenty other fun activities planned daily and wish to see all our members partake and have fun this Christmas!

Admin Team

========== surfed and earned and cashed out!
Thanks Admin :)

Saw this while surfing and thought it was too cute not to share.


ld randi said...

hi Blondie!
that cat&boxes thing is so real and funny!

my cats love boxes too, once they entered in 6 in a single box that was open in the upper side, they jumped in one after another!

blondie said...

Hey Randi,
I figured cat people would know exactly what it was about, lol
Six did you say?
Must have been a big box.
Cheers :)