Monday, December 16, 2013

Need To Change My Song

12DaysofXmas needed to make a major change today which I understand completely. As much as we all loved the .5% hourly, it was too much too fast. Now the Admin(s) could have let it run dry and/or packed up and moved on, but they didn't. Instead they made the change to .1% hourly for 60 days. To me, that was a much better option and I hope you agree.

"We have been in consultation with our finance expert, James King over the last 24 hours. The picture we have of where is going is not what we had expected. Not meaning to be blunt but we are heading for the rocks if we don't make changes right now.

Obviously we have been seeing the trend over the last 3 days and we waited just a little longer to see if we weren't being too hasty, fencing James off until now.

There are going to be big changes but let's do a short analysis. The 12x12 plan is highly coveted and everyone loves it but it needs a lot of work. Members really need to step up and bring something to the table. We went without monitors and big ads because we wanted to give everyone a fat chance to earn big but beside a handful of dynamic members the main body of members remain passive.

Now, we told you we intended to keep going for a long time and we know many of you want the same. So we are adjusting the plan. You will now earn 0.1 hourly for a total of 2.4% daily for 60 days.

There are a few positive changes though. You can now withdraw 4 times a day. Also we will be changing our pay schedule to every 4 hours from 7am est to 7pm est. The rest of the time will be at James's discrection as he does need to eat and sleep.

Its to be expected that there will be some of you who won't like this update but we have to think of everyone else who is serious about wanting that extra income.

The Referral and posting contests are still on. Except the Referral contest will end next Monday. The prizes will be awarded as results are achieved throughout the week.

Let's now all breath and unite behind a common goal to give our beloved Santa a major hand. This program is here to stay!

Happy Holidays!
admin team"


Pnenow: glad to see the "buy positions" and "repurchase" buttons have been deactivated. I know the admin would like to see everyone move over to his new site TUEPS, but I honestly don't know if that will happen.
Hey at least he flipped the bill for some professional banners this time, lol.
So I'm watching it closely for now and will decide later which direction I should take. Anybody else have an opinion on that?

Was watching a Poker Tournament tonight that was filmed here in Black Hawk, Colorado. They mentioned "Lady Luck" which made me think of Kenny Loggins. Well... being the Holiday season, thought you might enjoy this one as it sure brings back memories for me.


RJ said...

$50.00 195hours Pending

$50.00 152hours Pending from ACX all BS coming from them.

blondie said...

I hope you receive that before the next profit shift that was just announced :(

What a horrible way to end the year!

dr.capoon said...

12 DAYS of Xmas

I had a hunch on this one it will go that way.
At least this administrator is trying to do something about it. How successful the outcome will be, I am not sure. In my opinion it is to drastic for being accepted from members widely.
That would be sad if I am right, as this program just seemed to be so nice, and still is concerning lookout and devotion of admins. But the investors are those to make it go up or down.
And that part fears me the most.

PNENOW - episode 2 ?!

At least this one will not start with liabilities from the past failures of his administration, which was the main reason I didn't fund my account in PNENOW.

However, still doggy looking site will most probably not attract many (excluding one 720 banner), therefore the future is questionable.

Plan is not 100% clear to me. Do those positions ever mature, and if yes - when?

Success key control factor #1 - Cycling Frequency
- Opening to 50th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

First 50 days cycling period is in fact 112 days long, which gives us almost 4 months to get there. It seems this time, he will take all the time he needs.
Not really attractive

Success key control factor #2 - Position purchasing
- Only new purchases have a limit. No limit on repurchases.

If I have understood this one, it is just the opposite to longevity of the program.
Fresh funding is limited while repurchasing (that produces most liabilities)is without any restrictions.
factor #2 is not a success key control at all

Success key control factor #3 - Max times_cycled (matured)
The only part, that might attract despite doggy site and holes in success key control factors is a greed, and this offers us in fact 525% in three stages (that might take a full year, but still it is 525%)
However, having in mind those first two "key controls", I can't see this being achieved.

The worst drawback to all of this is the fact that we have to count on only 2/3 of funds to get wherever we intend to. As admin takes immediate 20% for his expenses, and there is a 10% commission for sponsors, we need almost 50% over our initial funds to reach BEP, and that is huge in my opinion.
If we start with 1000 members with $100 each, we need another $45.000 just to reach BEP for those 1.000 members that have started. Meantime admin will have close to $29.000 for his needs. Too much in my opinion. If he wishes this program to succeed, he'll have to cut a little his earnings here. Otherwise, we might witness stalling again.

Well, sorry for this long one but you asked for our thoughts.

blondie said...

Fine by me :)
And I will ask the Pnenow Admin to check this comment as well.

tueps admin said...

TUEPS admin answers to dr.capoon comment

1.Yes. The date positions will mature at 100 times cycle. If purchase at 1st day, then the position will mature on 2014-08-01 as our plan.
The mature date is variable before the 5 cycling days per week start (in about 94 days from today. Also when the mature times cycle changes will change the mature date also. The mature date will shorten by both factors.

2. The 50 days pre-launch is not to favor admin. It is a necessary time for program to grow steadily.
In 50 days, if you start with few positions, you will earn enough to make withdraw and invite people as proof that we are a paying program.
In fact, in 50 days, you will cycle 22 times exact. Further more, if you start with 3 positions, in 50 days, you will earn $26.4
Promoting is very difficult task. Especially MLM businesses. These type of businesses is only less than 1% of all other businesses.
I determine to stick to the plan. To achieve that I need enough grace period of time for members to get the words out. Especially, the words to reach out of MMG circle.

3. The purchase limit is in fact the most important factor of 3 factors. This factor is related to the 1st factor. Which it is related to the promoting or the growth.
It is a no-brainer to understand. If there has no restriction, one members with extra large fund, let's say $10,000. And the average is $100. It will require fund from 100 members to just pay back this member to even. It will require 200 members to just pay back double of his amount. It is an extremely risky to have members at the very beginning. Once the program has set the pace of the growth, the restriction will have not much effect like you (dr. capoon) said.

3. You are agree. Then, you have understand the ethic of on-line marketing. To last, you grab some and put it back some. Without feeding backward, the growth can not fall backward as well.

4. If you read the faq page, the admin expense is only 10%. The 10% is admin reserved for raining days. I do not care other programs do. That fund must be available to cover up the raining (slower) days. Even the 10% admin expense, some of them is used to special award and etc. Which, some of them pay back to members also.

5. The normal operation is 80% distributed back to members. It is not 50%.
You can not do the simple math with MLM businesses. It does not work the way you described. There has one very important factor - timing that you are not aware of it. You simply are trying to post the dollar amount that admin will keep. Which it is not the way you are thinking.
The 2% earning is a compounded method. It is not a straight line calculation. Then earning is accelerated by the positions number and time. If 1 position bought, yes, in 2014-8-1, the return will double. If more than 1 position bought, it will more than double by a few factors.

"It pay forward" is the calculation that you posted. TUEPS will concrete with the "It pay backward" method. Which TUEPS has 2 options to feed the fund that we need to keep it from stalling.

Thank you for posting your opinions or comments. Hope my comments answers will help you to understand TUEPS. TUEPS will provide the best and long lasting earning plan. I promise blonde to stick and keep the plan. The 3 control factors is the necessary assurance. You may not see the quick profit (if there is) to your pocket like others. You will see much bigger and stable profit to you and with no-shame to tell others.

TUEPS admin