Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Black December

Just hanging out paying bills today.
Not my favorite thing to do but I do like having heat, water and watching TV whenever I want to, so what choice do I have?

12DaysofXmas: looking at the positive side of the recent change... if you joined them early on day one, you should have already received 60% of your spend back before the hourly rate dropped. Now at 2.4% daily, it might just go by faster than you think.
The Admin(s) didn't take the easy way out by any means. They chose to stick around and create a plan that should make us all whole again. For that I give them credit and hope to see Santa well into the New Year.
Almost forgot, I was Paid from 12D again today! Thanks Santa!

DailySharePro: smooth surfing and 1% added to my balance.

ACX: while sitting here paying my bills today I thought.. how nice it would be to get those 2 payouts I have pending at ACX.
Yeah well, dream on blondie. They're doing another RESTART which might cancel those requests once again. But my oldest is still counting at 97 hours pending as I write this. So I won't write it off quite yet but it sure doesn't look good right now.
Withdrawals available Daily and processed in approximately 24-48 hours.
$50.00  100 hours  Pending


Oh it's a full moon night. Great, all the crazies will be out, lol

Don't get dizzy now.

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