Thursday, December 5, 2013

Houston... we have a problem

Or maybe not.
I'll be back with some info as soon as my ticket gets answered.

OK re: 12DaysOfXmas, it is important to clear cookies before joining if you wish to register under the upline of your choice.

If you've seen and clicked on the site in a surf site (for example) your cookie is stored for that upline. Then when you decide on an upline sponsor, you're already locked into the first one you clicked on.

After you've joined, you can check to see who your Upline is under the "Your Referrals" tab on the member page. If it is NOT who you wanted to register under, simply submit a support ticket and they will change it for you.

Effective now, referrer will be shown on the registration page. That should solve the problem. Thanks Admin :)

Hello Judy / blondie

We would like to inform all members that the referral system is working properly after testing and found no problem. Those who got the wrong upline during signup followed a different referral link. These members have been moved to the upline they intended to sign up under. To avoid any more confusion the signup page now shows the upline and no more referrals will be moved after signing up.

Admin team

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