Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can't Wait till January

This has certainly been one messed up month.
I know we're all busy with the Holidays and all, but our online programs are really turning that 'black December' myth into reality.

DailySharePro is still looking good and working great from where I sit. Will be doing my regular cash out in a day or two.

12DaysofXmas: have seen reports of late payments. I normally request in the evenings but forgot to last night. There's not a lot of chatter in the forum and that's not a good sign either. Hardly any payment proofs shown and a handful reporting very late payments.
Well dang it! I was really hoping that this one would make it through the month at least, not to mention thinking that 12 days was certainly doable.
I hope you were 'careful' with your spend like we always remind ourselves to be. We also have to remember that everything we play in this niche is risky. Sad but true and I do hope you've been cashing out on a regular basis to lessen the blow, if in fact it is done.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I call it a night:
ACX... this is my pending withdrawal and hours waiting for it to come. Told ya... December is messed up!

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