Friday, December 6, 2013

The Friday Freeze

Still horribly cold here. Woke up to -5F and our high today will be 9F. My cats won't even go out when I open the door!
Well, I have a name I've been calling them but am afraid if I post it here I'll start getting x-rated hits to my blog, lol

If you haven't logged into Payza for a few days, there is a note dated Dec. 4th with information about your account if you live in the U.S.
As for me, I recently received some funds from them but still have some funds in my account balance. Well, let's hope they get this worked out for all of us quickly.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Payza’s account platform is no longer accessible to members in the United States. Unfortunately, the third party relationship that enabled U.S. members to access their stored value account services was terminated. This means that U.S. members are not able to Add Funds, Send Funds or Receive Funds using Payza. You can still log in to your Payza account and initiate a Withdrawal Transaction, however, all withdrawal requests will remain pending until further notice.
We are working diligently to resolve this matter, more updates will follow.

12DaysofXmas: was thinking the other day when I first saw the site that it reminded me of the "old days" when during Nov and Dec these Santa sites used to pop up all the time. I recall playing in a few of them where you put in... let's say $50 bucks and it was supposed to turn into $100 or $150 after 10 days, or something like that. I also recall losing my a$$ on those games and told myself I'd never fall for that BS again.

But that was then and this is now and we've all learned a lot over the years and know how to play smarter and wiser and hopefully win. You agree?
Plus what I like about this one is the hourly / daily earning and withdraw options. Makes it much less risky in my book than having to wait the entire 10 or 15 days to cash out.

Another cool thing I noticed in the FAQs there is a note about not using Monitors and I feel that was a good decision on their part.

Why don't you use monitoring services?
12 Days of Xmas is a purely member driven program. We do not believe in wasting funds on monitoring services!

So with that said, I am looking forward to it and just need to figure out how much I can afford to spend when the gate opens.
(Reminder: this is a game, spend only what you can afford to 'play with', have fun and Good Luck!)
========== been trying to get in to do my surfing all day but haven't been able to. First I had trouble logging in. Then once I got in, the surf area was not working, keeps timing out. Dang it. I'll try again later.
** 3 hours before their server time change, I was able to get in, get my surfing done and received 1.2% for today.

Gener8Profit: no news. I suppose it's toast now. What a shame. A good program with a good Admin still isn't good enough.

ACX: been getting a lot of these today:
Great News! Your ACX Ad Panel is filling!
But none that say 'Your Panel is Filled'.
It doesn't really matter cause even if I did fill one and got paid the $60, it'll just sit there until the "Profit Shift" is done and then go to XSwallet where I can't withdraw from anyway. Right?
** 4 PM MST, site down. Guess they're getting ready for the xpress shift. (sigh)


Henry said...

The same thing happened to Payza in the UK, almost exactly twelve months ago. Payza said they would have the whole thing sorted out by the Spring...It's still blocked in the UK.

I now have only STP for HYIP, but I've just joined Perfect Money and hope that situations mean that I don't have to use it.



blondie said...

Oh that's right, forgot about that.

STP is my main squeeze now too. Used to use PM but they got rid of U.S. members awhile back.

EgoPay still works but without Payza, I'll have to find a different way to cash it out.

Cheers Henry :)

Henry said...

Hi Judy,

This was the email I received from Payza on Oct 12th over a year ago...

We regret to inform you that as of Thursday, October 18, 2012, Payza will suspend money transfers into all UK-based Payza accounts. This is necessary in order to implement a number of changes to our system.

Your money is still available; however, you will not be able to:

- Add funds to your Payza e-wallet
- Receive funds or accept payments to your Payza e-wallet
- Request funds or send an invoice
- Send funds, make payments or issue corporate disbursements to other UK-based Payza accounts

The moment that any and all services will be restored, we will inform you immediately via email and in a notification within your Payza account. Please be sure to check your Payza account and your email on a regular basis for the latest updates to our services.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this interruption of service will cause you. We would like to emphasize that it is our intention, as a consequence of the changes we are putting in place at Payza, to be able provide the UK market with a robust online payment platform enhanced by a wider range of services.

Thank you for your understanding,
The Payza Team

They however, let me withdraw my balance and thinking they would be up and running again in a few months, I left $100 in my account - I hope some day they will be active again, but without the UK and now the US, they will be a much reduced company.



blondie said...

Thanks for sending that Henry.
I also left $100+ in my account thinking this was only temporary. Sort of wish I had withdrawn it all now. I can buy a lot of cat food with 100 bucks. Oh well. Maybe soon.
Cheers :)


Thanks Judy. I will check Payza. I don't have very much in there and very rarely go there.

I remember the Christmas programs too. It sounded good about earning money for Christmas but they never worked.

Try to stay warm!


blondie said...

Hey Randy,
Glad you dropped by and trying to stay warm but it's hard. My poor old furnace is working overtime for sure.
Cheers :)

Henry said...

Hi Judy ~ You guys sure have 'extreme' weather on your side of the pond! (still walking around in my shirt and jacket)

I decided to log in to my Ego account, after our last exchange and was fazed at first when I could not find a 'login' button on the main page...only a 'create account' button. I eventually found it by entering ""...but the 'login' button is still not showing on their main page.

Is it the same for you?



blondie said...

The Login Button is showing for me just to the left of the Create Account button.
Weird that yours is not.

Henry said...

Got it! It's a browser issue. It shows on Firefox but not on Chrome.

I guess I must be getting jumpy.



blondie said...

Weird again.
Shows on Chrome for me, lol
Have a good weekend!