Wednesday, December 4, 2013

12 Days of Xmas in Pre-Launch

I'll be back with my write up in a bit.
It's way early here and I need a lot more coffee, lol

OK, 3 hrs later, I'm back :)

- One simple plan will be open for purchases on Dec. 11th.
- Pays .5% hourly for 288 hours = 12 days = 144% ROI.
- Site has all the security features listed on the main page.
- Available: STP, EgoPay and PM.
- Min. deposit is $12 and max. is a lot!
- Withdraw hourly if you like (I'll probably w/d daily).
- Withdrawals may take up to 48 hours to receive.
- 3 Level RC, 6%, 4% and 2%.
- One account per person.
- No guarantees.
- You can deposit from Account Balance but I wouldn't suggest doing that until you're at BEP or better.

My plan is to make a purchase as soon as it opens (although that's 5 AM my time so I could be late, lol) and then cash out daily until I'm past my BEP which should be 9 days. Once I have my "seed money" back, I'll rethink my strategy. But until then, the above is my plan.

Now since it's in Pre-Launch for a week, you've got plenty of time to get registered and think about how much you want to spend (risk). Also this is a good time to do some promoting if that's what you do.

Alrighty then, that's all for now.
Need to check my other stuff and I'll be back.

DailySharePro: smooth surfing and added my new URL for showing. I did cash out yesterday so it'll be a few days before I do it again. Oh and we did receive another 1.1% today.

Gener8Profit: I'm still seeing a payment proof here and there in the forums but nothing like it should be. Again I will suggest that you cash out only and I hope you're at BEP or better at this point.

Been snowing all night and day here. High today was like 10F.
Good thing I got salt, lol


Henry said...

Hi Judy!

As you know, I am a Merlot drinker...Loved your cartoon..I remember getting completely destroyed drinking Margarita's at a theatre reception, plyed to me by a devious lady from Florida (well it was a good 20 years ago!)



blondie said...

Funny how these little things can bring back such memories eh? lol
Glad you enjoyed it!
Cheers :)