Saturday, December 7, 2013

60% Wipe Out

Still way below freezing here.
Was -11 F when I woke up with a wind chill of -23 F.
That's freakin cold!!!
To make matters worse, am babysitting tonight and not looking forward to the drive home since it will be late and even colder. Just hope my old Jeep can handle the freeze of the trip.

Everything is quiet here today. I suppose folks could be out doing their Christmas shopping and what not.

The 12DaysofXmas program is gearing up for launch on the 11th. From their Facebook page:
If you haven't registered yet I would suggest you do as soon as you can. We will be making an announcement in the next 24 hours that you will like very much surfed and earned 1.0% today.

Gener8Profit: saw a couple more payouts posted in the forum so it's not dead yet. Perhaps paying those not in profit or at BEP? In any case, that sure is a nice gesture on the Admin's part.

ACX wiped out 60% of my current ad packs and sent them off to grow up to be panels one day. They also cancelled my pending withdrawals, put the money into XSwallet where all I can do is spend it. Here we go again :(


gene said...

Yeah, the ACX blues, must be their early Christmas present to themselves. Do you think they will be doing this weekly now Judy? Or will they wait a month?

Ah well, it it nutso and coolish here also.


blondie said...

Geeze who knows?
This one was only 3 weeks since the last so your guess is as good as mine.
Sure didn't help ME pay for any Christmas presents this year.
Bah Humbug!!

Cheers to you :)

dr.capoon said...

Me - over 66% slash after 95% previously already gone, and panels again given at rate 40,40 bucks per 1, while they're stating in emails that those are free panles.
I would bann this admin even for entering the internet, not to mention allowing him to conduct some HYIP.
Can't simply see any story anymore I could use to recruit, and that is the only way out of this sitation.
I guess this should be a faerewell to this one (unfortunatelly).
Or it might be fortunatelly in fact, but I need to clear that to myself first.

blondie said...

I am just playing with what I have left at this point. And as you mentioned, each time they "restart" we are left with a little less to play with. I have no plans to add fresh funds either and would certainly not promote knowing the situation of the program.

Nice to see you :)