Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Gonna Be A Rough Morning

I have some of the funniest friends and colleagues.
Just had to steal this picture from the forum today...
(thanks gingersnap)

This clock is for
12DaysofXmas that opens tomorrow at 7 AM EST which is 5 AM my time. Yikes!

Do I need to be here right at launch? No I don't think so. Especially if my poor body doesn't want to cooperate.

Since I've been chatting about this one for a week now, I won't go into detail again. Just want to remind you all of the things you've learned over the years about how to play to win. You know I worry about everybody, including myself and would like to see us all make a good profit here. It will be fast & furious so play smart, enjoy the game and Good Luck to us all.

About 7:30 PM my time:

Dear Judy / blondie,
We have just opened account funding as we get ready for the launch of 12 Days of Xmas.
Admin Team


Here is a very long and interesting One Month Update from


DailyShare.pro's 1st Month Celebration Announcements
We're extremely happy to announce our first month celebration of DailyShare.pro, and would like to take this opportunity to summarize major milestones we achieved this month, and how we will continue to offer great our unique investment opportunities for our members in 2014 as well.

Deposit Rate Increases, Investors Make More Money.
Over the past 30 days, we've seen major progress in terms of attracting investors from across the globe to participate and advertise in one of our advertising campaigns to expose their website to “hungry” and “targeted” audience to BOOST their online sales, as well as trade in BitCoins Fund to earn at least 1% percent share from overall online revenue from DailyShare.pro, every day.

At DailyShare.pro, we create a win-win situation for everyone involved, including the investors, the advertisers, and the owners. Our advertising plan allows our members (FREE and PRO members) to attract more visitors to their advertised websites as well as earn significant amount of profits by investing in our BitCoin Fund, every calendar day. Our flexible advertisement plan managed to attract thousands of new advertisers from around the world to expose their website and drive plenty of free customers who regularly visit our site. Along with advertisement plan, our Bitcoin trade program also helped our members to earn significant amount of profits, at least 1% daily, increasing up to 1.2% to 1.5%, depending upon the Bitcoin price. Mini Guide Added.

We also like to inform our DailyShare.pro member that we've created a user guide that explains our membership and investment plan, and how you can utilize these features to attract plenty of free traffic to your business and increase online conversion. For example, if you're haven't become our members, the guide will explain the benefits of our two membership – FREE and PRO. With these membership options, you can begin to invest instantly on advertising and Bitcoin Fund as well as advertise your website to attract people who are interested to what you have to offer.
Click here to read our guide.

Looking for another Payment Option.
Although our technical teams have successfully integrated most of the popular payment systems on DailyShare.pro, including SolidTrust Pay, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, OkPay, and Bitcoin, we're still looking to add additional payment system just to make it easy for our members to fund and withdraw their money/earnings.

With all these major payment option, you will not have to worry about whether you will be able to pay or withdraw your money/earnings through DailyShare.pro.
Bitcoin Fund Performance Leads Its Peer Group With 4,847% Return.

Last week, Malta-based brokerage firm Exante decided to wrap up 2013 by releasing the Bitcoin Fund performance on Bloomberg Fund Analysis section, and the fund performance stats came with a staggering 4,847% return, making it among the most successful among its peer group, whose closest funds performance was 33.7% and 25.4%.

So, what is Bitcoin trade and why should you care to use it and how to do it? Bitcoin is an e-currency, or rather decentralized digital currency that is used all over the world to purchase products and services, online.

Bitcoin is popular because unlike traditional method of payment methods, like bank cheque, and wire transfers, it is relatively fast, cheap, and secure.
In the last 30 days, DailyShare.pro already saw its highest daily bitcoin %, up to a whopping 1.4% when the bitcoin price went up. Although we earn more than 1.4% from our trades, but we keep it in reserve and this is how it should be. Not it is safe to keep it in reserve, but it will also offer you long term of benefits.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone.
Before we wrap this news, we would like to wish DailyShare.pro members a very warm and happy Merry X-MAS and happy new year. We have had a busy December, where our investment plan - advertisement package and BitCoin trade - helped many investors and advertisers make easy and solid profits. We thank all for their genuine love and support to make DailyShare.pro a huge success.
Just like in 2013, we'll continue to provide you a user-friendly environment for investment opportunities. In the coming year, we will expand our service by helps investors all around the country to expose their business to thousands of targeted audience as well as earn daily profits through our BitCoin trade programs

Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter
To learn about how to invest your money into our advertising plan and BitCoin trade, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We'll keep you up to date with our tips, tricks, and techniques to maximize your online earning through our advertising plan and BitCoin trade program.

Thank you,
DailyShare Management.


Anonymous said...

Hey Blondie! ;)

This will probably all run together as I don't have a clue what an html tag is. duhhhhh . . . okay, hang on, this is trial and error. I think I'm doing something wrong! lol Maybe you can fix it Blondie? hmmmm

Anyways, you can use my stuff anytime as I steal if off the net anyways!!! hahaha

Ginger ;)

blondie said...

You did fine Ginger. No need to worry about the special stuff. Just get here and type :)

12Days got off to a good start.
Sure hope it makes us all happy!


Henry said...

Hi Judy ~ It was good to see you placed as one on the first top referrers - and although I have decided to sit this one out, I am rooting for you to get a good net profit on this one!


blondie said...

Why Thank You Henry, that's very sweet of you :)

Sorry you decided to sit this one out. It just won't be the same without you :(

Thanks for stopping by though and have yourself a great merlot evening!