Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunny Sunday

12DaysofXmas: I'll come back with my song when I figure out what to use for five.
Just noticed my 'earned total' is already half of what I bought in with. Nice :)

"It has come to our attention that some members may be confused by our name and design. The concept is that we will bring Christmas to everyone no matter what time of the year it happens to be.

12 Days of Xmas will not be closing down after 12 days.  Our plan lasts for 12 days but each new deposit extends that period.  You are very welcome to re-deposit any time during those 12 days or at the end if you wish to continue earning from us.

Let's make the whole of 2014 full of Christmas joy!
Admin team"

I googled 5 golden rings and look what I found. Now I don't need to change the words for that day at all. Cheers!

On the fifth day of Christmas
The Admin gave to me
Five Golden Rings!
Four days of fun
Three cash outs
Two contest wins
and a half percent ho-ur-ly!

Not sure how much longer I can sing though after having those 5 Golden Rings, haha
========== surfed and advertised and got my 1% for today. Also received the cash out that I requested yesterday. Thanks Admin!

ACX: is sure giving away a lot of money after cancelling my (and others) small withdrawal request with no explanation.
Tsk tsk.
"This Week's $1,000 Winners Announced at ACX!"


Wesley said...

I wonder if the ACX winners are real people or people manufactured by them. As dishonest as they have been with members it wouldn't surprise me if it was all fake propaganda, just like the fake testimonials on the home page.

blondie said...

Well, that very well may be and it's probably something we'll never know. It's just a shame :(

dr.capoon said...

Yes it is. A big shame.
All that is coming out are some fantasy stories, nothing that concerns real and present situation overwhelmed with issues. They sound like we are in golden days of JBP, and nothing can be further from a real true.

I would appreciate just one honest letter, but as we are approaching the end, they are in fact speeding up with lies.

I think I'll just stop opening their letters from this point. If something good happens, I'll find it here, thou I doubt it will be found.

Oh, well life goes on, right?

blondie said...

Yeah dr.c, live goes on with or without ACX.
It is a shame though how such a wonderful program in the beginning turned into such a sour grape.
And like you said, if their letters were honest, it wouldn't be so bad, but reading what they fabricate is just sickening.
Still I'm hoping for the best as I really could use some 'comfort' right now.
Cheers :)