Wednesday, December 18, 2013

TUEPS Comments...

Since these comments are in Monday's blog post (which you may never see), thought I'd bring them to the top here so that you can get a clearer picture of a members (dr.capoon) point of view and the Admin's response to those. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy :)
* Added: comments just added to the bottom of this post from dr.capoon and the Admin.

dr.capoon said...
PNENOW - episode 2 ?!

At least this one will not start with liabilities from the past failures of his administration, which was the main reason I didn't fund my account in PNENOW.

However, still doggy looking site will most probably not attract many (excluding one 720 banner), therefore the future is questionable.

Plan is not 100% clear to me. Do those positions ever mature, and if yes - when?

Success key control factor #1 - Cycling Frequency
- Opening to 50th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

First 50 days cycling period is in fact 112 days long, which gives us almost 4 months to get there. It seems this time, he will take all the time he needs.
Not really attractive

Success key control factor #2 - Position purchasing
- Only new purchases have a limit. No limit on repurchases.

If I have understood this one, it is just the opposite to longevity of the program.
Fresh funding is limited while repurchasing (that produces most liabilities)is without any restrictions.
factor #2 is not a success key control at all

Success key control factor #3 - Max times_cycled (matured) 
The only part, that might attract despite doggy site and holes in success key control factors is a greed, and this offers us in fact 525% in three stages (that might take a full year, but still it is 525%)
However, having in mind those first two "key controls", I can't see this being achieved.

The worst drawback to all of this is the fact that we have to count on only 2/3 of funds to get wherever we intend to. As admin takes immediate 20% for his expenses, and there is a 10% commission for sponsors, we need almost 50% over our initial funds to reach BEP, and that is huge in my opinion.
If we start with 1000 members with $100 each, we need another $45.000 just to reach BEP for those 1.000 members that have started. Meantime admin will have close to $29.000 for his needs. Too much in my opinion. If he wishes this program to succeed, he'll have to cut a little his earnings here. Otherwise, we might witness stalling again.

Well, sorry for this long one but you asked for our thoughts.
December 17, 2013 at 6:24 PM

 tueps admin said...

TUEPS admin answers to dr.capoon comment

1.Yes. The date positions will mature at 100 times cycle. If purchase at 1st day, then the position will mature on 2014-08-01 as our plan.
The mature date is variable before the 5 cycling days per week start (in about 94 days from today. Also when the mature times cycle changes will change the mature date also. The mature date will shorten by both factors.

2. The 50 days pre-launch is not to favor admin. It is a necessary time for program to grow steadily.
In 50 days, if you start with few positions, you will earn enough to make withdraw and invite people as proof that we are a paying program.
In fact, in 50 days, you will cycle 22 times exact. Further more, if you start with 3 positions, in 50 days, you will earn $26.4
Promoting is very difficult task. Especially MLM businesses. These type of businesses is only less than 1% of all other businesses.
I determine to stick to the plan. To achieve that I need enough grace period of time for members to get the words out. Especially, the words to reach out of MMG circle.

3. The purchase limit is in fact the most important factor of 3 factors. This factor is related to the 1st factor. Which it is related to the promoting or the growth.
It is a no-brainer to understand. If there has no restriction, one members with extra large fund, let's say $10,000. And the average is $100. It will require fund from 100 members to just pay back this member to even. It will require 200 members to just pay back double of his amount. It is an extremely risky to have members at the very beginning. Once the program has set the pace of the growth, the restriction will have not much effect like you (dr. capoon) said.

3. You are agree. Then, you have understand the ethic of on-line marketing. To last, you grab some and put it back some. Without feeding backward, the growth can not fall backward as well.

4. If you read the faq page, the admin expense is only 10%. The 10% is admin reserved for raining days. I do not care other programs do. That fund must be available to cover up the raining (slower) days. Even the 10% admin expense, some of them is used to special award and etc. Which, some of them pay back to members also.

5. The normal operation is 80% distributed back to members. It is not 50%.
You can not do the simple math with MLM businesses. It does not work the way you described. There has one very important factor - timing that you are not aware of it. You simply are trying to post the dollar amount that admin will keep. Which it is not the way you are thinking.
The 2% earning is a compounded method. It is not a straight line calculation. Then earning is accelerated by the positions number and time. If 1 position bought, yes, in 2014-8-1, the return will double. If more than 1 position bought, it will more than double by a few factors.

"It pay forward" is the calculation that you posted. TUEPS will concrete with the "It pay backward" method. Which TUEPS has 2 options to feed the fund that we need to keep it from stalling.

Thank you for posting your opinions or comments. Hope my comments answers will help you to understand TUEPS. TUEPS will provide the best and long lasting earning plan. I promise blonde to stick and keep the plan. The 3 control factors is the necessary assurance. You may not see the quick profit (if there is) to your pocket like others. You will see much bigger and stable profit to you and with no-shame to tell others.

TUEPS admin
December 18, 2013 at 10:36 AM


xox-Missi Mi-xox said...

Hiya Blondie

Seems a bit like de ja vu really. Id be afraid to join and pay up after past experience with this admin. My gut just says nope, nope, nope.

Ive been tempted to log in and say hi though, but I hazard a guess he would ignore me just like at the end of his last program fell over.
No explanations, just disappear into thin and left me to cop the crap from unhappy members hoping he'd come back to me with some kind of assistance.

Good luck is all I can say to anyone joining this 2nd one. I truly hope he does the right thing this time.

I hope your keeping warm over there, we are going to be sweltering the next week over here with temps hitting 48 degrees (celsius)for the best part.Good time to be hiding underground hehe.

Keep smiling and have a really happy holidays


blondie said...

Hiya Missi :)

Yes I would think past experience would make a difference too. One could only hope.

Nice here today. 65F but cooler coming in which is OK since it IS almost time for Christmas.


dr.capoon said...

It was a nice thing from administrator to answer those remarks.
Now it is more clearer to me how this is made in fact. I've made a mistake by counting on some 500%+ earnings, as those are just separate stages of maturing to 200%.

Of course, I had first to translate admins "cycling language" into mine "daily earnings language".

And the dictionary says :
Opening to 50th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Translation : 1st - 50th day earnings = 0.857%/daily. (paid in chunks of 2%)

51th day to 100th day - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Translation : 51st - 100th day earnings = 1.143%/daily. (paid in chunks of 2%)

101th day and on - All positions will cycle 2% on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Translation : 101st day and on earnings = 1.43%/daily (paid in chunks of 2%)

So after translating I did get it. BEP is to be reached on approximately 100-101st day, and the rest of 100% of earnings will be reached in next 70 days. So those cycling's are giving us in fact 200% in 170 days, with an average earnings of whooping 1,176%/daily.

If we enter this game on it's 50th day, still will be qualified for 200% but will reach BEP before 90th day (from the day of purchase), and will cycle to 200% on 151st day roughly calculated. That would provide us even bigger daily return of our investment in amount of 1,324% daily.

There are also other scenarios, but by using those highlighted percentages anyone can calculate his potential BEP reaching or 200% cycling's.

For me personally, it seems that these success key control factors have been a slightly overdone. What I mean by that, is that I can agree that time is a necessary factor in developing a successful and long lasting HYIP, but there is also another factor not to be dismissed, and it is attractiveness of a certain program.
Will these earnings be attractive enough for that, the question is yet to be answered.

TUEPS admin said...

TUEPS admin answers to dr.capoon 2nd comments:

Dr.capoon, you are going to the wrong direction. You can not translate the 2% into a daily earning only. The biggest challenge in MLM businesses is

promoting. If you offer 1% earning, people do not want it nowadays. In their eyes, the 1% is small. The 1% is a very huge return actually. I can

show you the math, if you wish.

The 2% is choosen for this reason. Actually the 2% is too large for any MLM businesses to get started without any stable membership growth. Of

course, any MLM businesses offer bigger than 2% daily will fell short.

For example: The 12daysxmas fell short in just less than a week. Those other programs offered higher than 2% lately, they all fell short just in a

few days or weeks also. TUEPS will not offer the same kind of failure. TUEPS is bypassing with time and other actors to keep up. In otherwords, the

frequency factor to balance the payouts and growth.

You have great math skills. However, your calculation is based on just ONE position purchase. If you are a great promoter, I suggest you do not

show anyone this analysis. People want the result and see the number what they can see. The careless about how it works. The 1% or 2% earning is

much much bigger than your calculation with purchase number and time.

We are here to earn not to make even. When you earn, it is a business. No one like risky b usiness. We need a stable and stick to the plan business

that you can rely on. No one is here to just make it even. Everyone is here to make more than they buy. Your comments mostly are based on people

with smaller fund like $200 or less. When the program established and growth is stable, people with larger fund will come in. Then, people with

smaller fund will take the free ride. Although, they can not be rich, but they are happy. TUEPS will also be able to handle or feed the larger fund

members, since the actual earning percentage is less than 2%. Most of programs do not take care what will happen in the future, but TUEPS do.

The 3 factors control is NOT overdone. It is a solution complied all the failure suggestions and comments like you and many good people. It is not

completely from myself. No one like failure. It may take longer to get to the level you want with TUEPS.But, you can shorten it by position nubmer

and/or promoting.

Yes, the 2% is attractive enough with few limitation. Most people do not do the math like you. I have posted the news that anyone can get paid in

just 3 cycles. To get paid is the number one concern. As long as they keep hearing members getting paid, they will have the faith with the program.

They will try to purchase with larger fund. Which it is the one of the TWO ways to see a significant return. The other way is having larger

referrals. The 10% sponsor commission adds up.

Most people just listen to what other people saying about the program. Nunmber one, people want: yes, the program is paying and pay in time. Number

two, people do not like the changes. TUEPS has 3 different assurance to keep it going with the plan. Number three, people do not like to do

anything but getting paid. TUEPS require every members do a little effort to submit testimonails before withdraw.

TUEPS is next generation of MLM Businesses model. All MLM businesses should have similar considerations, instead of offering earn quick and fall