Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not a Great Day but...

I did receive small payments today from
Gener8Profit and DailySharePro.
Thank you to both those Admins :)

I see other members who have claimed not being paid from G8 which concerns me. If you have any funds sitting in your account, you might want to request a cash out and not try to build. That's my best suggestion at this time.

Everybody in ACX is probably aware that they're planning yet ANOTHER profit shift for sometime this week. I think it really sucks that my pending withdrawals have been pending since Nov 25th and 26th which I'll bet don't get paid. They will probably put it back into my XS Wallet where I all I can do with it is spend it. Now that is what I call crapola in it's highest form.

Well I'd like to end the night on a happy note... but what?
How about tomorrow. It's only a day away :)

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