Saturday, February 8, 2014

Light in the Sky... OMG it's the Sun :)

This was kind of fun to wake up to:

Hello blondie,
I have just added 4 new positions for today. This brings the total amount of positions that every member can purchase to 18!
Joe Miles,
Dual Ad Cycles

Thanks Joe. My 4 new positions are all bought :)

After an entire week of dark and snow and cold weather, seems really strange to see the Sun up today. And our high temp is supposed to be 47 F. TG for that, the Cats have been driving me crazy and dying to go out for some fresh air and bird chasing!

Tueps: another successful 2% cycling last evening. Nice to see this keeping on schedule and am looking forward to the next cycle day which is Monday.

DailySharePro: today is their 3 Month Anniversary and the Admin sent out a lengthy notification about that. Was going to post it here but like I said, it is quite long.
If you're not a member yet but interested, it was also posted at the MMG Forum and you can view it HERE

ACX: well... guess I should report that I Was Paid for my ClickDraw Contest Winning. Feels like I had to beg a little for it since it took so long (since last Sat. night's drawing) but at least it finally came.
Still waiting on the "other half" which is $179.02 to be added to my Wallet balance. Once it's there, I have to use it to purchase something since it cannot be withdrawn.

Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary for:

"On February 9th, 1964, The Beatles, with their Edwardian suits and mop top haircuts, made their first American television appearance—LIVE—on The Ed Sullivan Show."

Looking forward to the Special on tomorrow night.

“Whether you were alive to witness it on television that night, or you’ve just known about it all your life, that first television appearance by the Beatles on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ is historic,” executive producer Ken Ehrlich said in a statement. “To be able to celebrate this significant event 50 years later — and to the exact day, date, and time — with an all-star cast of Grammy participants, shapes up to be one for the books.”

Found this video which is ONLY for die hard Beatle fans.
I say that because it's 29 minutes long and shows all three Ed Sullivan appearances. Except for the loud screaming, I really enjoyed it!


dr.capoon said...

Congatulations Blondie!

I am very glad to see you have been paid. As for the other missing part, you might even benefit not to purchase till they stabilize the program, if that happens at all. I not sure about it.

blondie said...

Well since we just had a restart, could be a good time to spend that money. But with those guys, you never know. lol