Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's The Weekend :)

DualAdCycles: 6:50 PM MST: the confusing part of the Update has been changed. Please read and enjoy!!!

Hello blondie,

It seems there was some confusion regarding the new plan. There will not be a new cycler line! I do apologize if i was not clear enough on this. By allowing repurchase only in the cycler line it creates twice the amount of push there is now. I repeat there is no new line and purchasing from repurchase in only the cycler line all goes towards pushing one line that we have been building from day 1.

With that said I have activated the new plan. Also, thank you to everyone for their feedback and suggestion. Please keep in mind it's not possible to implement everyone's suggestions as one members definition of a good idea isn't another's.

My first priority is always to keep as many members happy and give all an equal opportunity for earning money at Dual Ad Cycles.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles


DualAdCycles: new update which goes into effect in a little over an hour so thought I'd get it posted fast:

** Never mind. That plan is on hold for now:

Ok, I hear you. The new plan will not be implemented today. I will think on it and take on board your thoughts. This does not mean it will not happen as planned but as always my main concern is what is best for DAC.

Today's 25 new positions will still be added on schedule.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles

"Dual Ad Cyles is 12 days old already and still growing very strong. More and more members are joining each day. Thank you to those especially who are spreading the word about us.

I don't believe in laying on my laurels however and have decided it is time to introduce a new surprise. Most cyclers/hybrids will add a new plan when the old one has stalled or moving at a snail's pace. Clearly we are not near that stage yet and I do not intend to let it happen before I take action.

So, as from 3pm est, DAC will not only be adding the usual daily 25 new ad packs but a new cycler line plan. The current plan will stay open and positions can still be purchased with your cash balance only. You will still earn daily and continue to cycle. It only makes sence that if you have several spots waiting to carry on buying new positions to help cycle yourself.

Now here is the twist - you can then use your repurchase balance from either plan to buy positions in the new cycler. It gets even better, this plan is only $1 per spot, you can buy a maximum of 5 at a time but there is no limit on how many you can own and it pays you 200%. The 40% repurchase is still in force meaning that this will be the fastest moving cycler ever seen!

I heard the news about Egopay, please do not worry, the DAC account is unaffected by this situation. I do understand though that this will affect some of you. So if you are affected by this new ruling, I am happy to exchange your Egopay funds to STP for a 5% fee when you request a withdrawal. Just send a support ticket before requesting please.

Finally, thank you to the members who sent it their Testimonials. They are all added to the Testimonials page and congratulations to the 5 members listed below who won. Your $10 winnings have been added to your account.


Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles"

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