Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mid-Week, Cold and Snowy Here

DualAdCycles: regarding the update that the Admin sent out yesterday, just want to be sure everyone is clear on the maximum number of spends you can make before the actual launch on the 11th.

Since I started on day one and purchased 2, I can only purchase 2 more per day from now until launch.

If I started yesterday, I could have bought 4 (since it was day 2) and 2 per day from here on out.

If I start today, I can purchase 6 (since it's day 3) and 2 per day starting tomorrow.

Once we launch on the 11th, the max will increase to 25 per day.
Remember each purchase is only $2 and gets split 50/50 between the daily earnings plan and the cycler.

Simple? OK Good :)
A little more helpful info from the Admin's latest update:

We are getting a few support tickets from members asking about missing positions. Please remember that Dual Ad Cycles is a hybrid program. When you buy ad packs you are entered into the cycler but 50% is also put in our daily pay plan which pays 4% for 50 days.

Also all of the cycler money is entered as one position. So if you buy 10 ad packs ($20) then $10 of it goes to the cycler and shows as 1 spot on the Next in line list. Once you are top of the list and it cycles, you will be paid double its value and the position is removed.

Finally, for those struggling to find their spots on the Next in Line list, scroll down to the bottom of the page and extend the Result Per Page figure so you can view more records on a page.

Joe Miles - admin


TUEPS: we sure did cycle again last night and I'm about half way to another cash out or re-purchase. Cool :)

DailySharePro: working perfectly!

ACX: still waiting for my Winner Winner chicken dinner email notification. Sheesh, what are they waiting for.. Christmas?


Cat Lovers... this is too cute not to share.
Hope it opens OK for you:


"When the odds are saying you'll never win, 
that's when the grin should start."
All you really need is heart.


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

Did you get my email?

I responded to your alert email but I'm not sure if you were able to get it.

Hope things are well.


blondie said...

Randy, no.
Once I sent an Alert, I don't stay in that address very long.
I only use it to send and it's not my normal hang out.

Send me the note to my
blondiejudy@gmail addy plse.

Sorry for the trouble.
Have a good night!