Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Monday Monday

- Did anyone have trouble trying to "Register" to the program that I Alerted about yesterday? I had no problem myself but heard from one person who did.
** Update: do NOT try to register using IE browser.

Also without mentioning the program name, I read that they are planning their launch for very early March and of course will keep you updated.

PS, they have almost 900 pre-launch members as we speak!

Super-Five: Froggie just updated the "Mechanics" of the program so that there is No More Restart. YaY! 

"Our mechanics have changed for the better. 
Please read the updated page on"

Also the number of pay processors have increased:
"accepts PM, EP, Payeer, OKpay and Bitcoin"

Remember this one opens tomorrow at 9 AM my time, which would be 11 AM EST and I'm looking forward to it. Should be a fun game :)

DualAdCycles: is doing very well but I have quite a wait to cycle again. Checking today am at #221 but you know, it does go fast sometimes plus getting the 4% daily helps too. Thanks Joe for all you do.
** DualAdCycles UPDATE below.

TUEPS: time for another cycling night already. Whoop!

DailySharePro: just saw someone post in a forum that they wish they had put more into DSP when it first opened. I nodded my head in agreement when I read that.
Funny how we never know ahead of time what is going to 'take' and what is going to 'fail'. TG DSP is still running beautifully.
Oh and I got Paid again today ;)

ACX: just have to report that I got another withdrawal request to go through without getting the 'daily limit' reached message. Sure would be nice if it stays this way. Oh and that was from AdPack earnings btw.
You have successfully requested a $32.26 withdrawal from your Ad Package Balance! This request will be sent to this Solid Trust Pay account

OK, here's DualAdCycles Update.
Didn't want to squish it in up above.
Now go purchase using that Re-Purchase Balance! Go!!!

The last week I have been curiously watching the members actions. Since the introduction of repurchase balance in just the cycle line many members have not purchased a single position even if they have a repurchase balance. As of sending this update there is over $2000 in members repurchase balances they are not using.

The sooner you repurchase the sooner you are to cycle and earning more! You also get 7% commission on these purchases as soon as they are made over and over again by your referrals.

The repurchase is extremely powerful in keeping the cycle line moving and the speed is still very fast considering the amount of members who are participating in Dual Ad Cycles.

Get in touch with your referrals and get them involved. Make sure they don't have a repurchase balance they aren't using. Spread the word about Dual Ad Cycles and the 7% referral commissions you earn over and over again thanks to the repurchase.

Joe Miles


dr.capoon said...

Glad you are not having that "DLR" notification, I hope it stays that way for at least 2 weeks, as I am not going to reach the min. req. of 30 bucks earlier.

And just to add that regarding DAC and those 2000 sleeping on repurchase balances, I am amazed how fast it is still cycling.

blondie said...

I hope you get to req a payout in ACX in 2 weeks also. Must be due to the recent Shift.

Yeah, DAC, weird eh?
Am also pleased with the cycling!
Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Please send for me alert new gmail is

blondie said...

Just sent.
Thanks for your interest.