Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Good Morning

DualAdCycles: I knew I was missing something yesterday... the daily note from DAC Admin.
Bought a new cycler spot today with my repurchase balance and I see I'm at #9 waiting in the cycle list. That particular one was bought the day we could buy 6, which I did so it might take a little while to kick out.

Dear blondie,

Sorry there was no extra positions added yesterday, this was an omission on my part.

To make up for it I have added yesterday's, today's and a few extra taking the total to 250.

Joe Miles
Dual Ad Cycles


TUEPS: we did cycle last night and will again tonight. What else can I say? It's been right on schedule for 69 days now.

DailySharePro: excellent surf and 1% earned today.

That's all she wrote (for now).
Was just busy paying some bills, yuck.
Have a good day!

Later in the day, went to surf at ACX and noticed my advertising URL that was submitted on Feb 4th was finally approved for viewing yesterday.
AND I must have gotten lucky by not getting the "limit reached" message today when submitting for my Ad Pack withdrawal.
You have successfully requested a $32.56 withdrawal from your Ad Package Balance! This request will be sent to this Solid Trust Pay account
Oh and I bought another Click Draw ticket too.
You know what they say... You can't win if you don't play.


Anonymous said...

It just moved up a couple of positions. I am now at #4.

blondie said...

Currently at 7 here.
Cool Harry, shouldn't be long now.