Friday, November 28, 2014

DigAdz Launching Tomorrow + Saturday

Saturday Update:

Digadz Hybrid PTC Revshare Comp Plan Presentation 29-11-14

LATEST NEWS from Beejay: Your new dashboard will be switched on about 2 hours before launch. When you log in PLEASE READ the To-Do List For today, very important.

PayPal will NOT be available for purchase today but:

"We are launching today because the programmer is available & won't be next week if that answers some of the questions. No, you will not lose out by Paypal only being available after Tuesday. This is not a cycler where you lose positions if you don't get in early."

Just remember folks, this is not a get rich quick program. You will need to "dig" for ads daily and use your earnings wisely.
Cheers and Good Luck :)

PS, site is having a "too busy" launch time. No need to hurry or rush. I'm going to take a break for an hour or two then try to get myself going after that.

PPS, still not able to log in. Site has been down (for me) except for a few short minutes when it first opened. Sooo I haven't been able to do anything there yet. (sigh) Now I have to leave in an hour to babysit so might miss the first day completely. Fingers crossed that something changes soon.

LAST NOTE before I leave:

We are sorry we are closed for maintenance now. But this is the necessary measure. Just from the start we got into massive DDOS attack (the largest attack we got hit with was 15 Gbps). Server staff recommended us to complete some server upgrade with additional tools and we agreed. As a result now our site is not visible in some areas. I think it will be honest to all our members to close site for maintenance untill it works fine again. Now we just need to wait till DNS propagates all over the word. We are sorry again and hope you understand us.

Launch Time has been revealed for DigAdz which is Noon EST, although we're still waiting on the Official Comp Plan. I'll post that here as soon as I hear it's out. Oh and we're up to 21,400 pre-registered members. Crazy.

Dear blondie,
Good news! and Good day for launch Official Launch Time on 29th November,2014 18.00 CET.
It's time to start after big testing.
Thank you for Marius Pedersen to create video about exciting for Official Launch Time. You can watch video here.


doomcrew said...

Was hoping for a revshare but the site seems to be a longterm good one in the making. Given the time of year its launching I would be skeptical but the admin is known to be legit.

blondie said...

Yeah let's hope that's the case, lol

I was finally able to get in and with a little help from my friends, figure out what to do and in what order.

Hope the site is here to stay now :)