Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

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Although it's sooo cold, the below warmed me up a little bit yesterday. An excellent pre-launch post from BeeJay of DigAdz:

DigAdz System Update.
Hello and welcome Digadz members,

Programming Progress update is 60% now. I am so excited with Digadz system. I would like to launch tomorrow but I can't. I do not want to bother more or stress to programming team, more stress work will make mistake, I will not do. I hope you will understand this.

Pre-account till now is 4,500 + and we still have time before launch. Get your referral link and get more people in!

Don't forget you will earn commission up to 10% every service sold and earn from referral 5% for their activity.

Free members also earn from Digadz system and you also can earn from free members.

Everyone can win, that’s why I am so excited!

Don't ask me about compensation plan, I will not tell until the program is done and tested. hehehe...

But I am sure, members on pre-account will success on Digadz.

You will not get in negative when you invite people. If you have more referrals that will generate more profit for you with large amounts every day and forever.

Finally, please don’t forget ADBONUZ! It is so stable system with current algorithm, and not affect to Digadz. You also earn profits with adbonuz. Don’t be afraid to purchase Business units and Dig bonuses, I am sure Adbonuz will last over year for sure!

Ok we’ll update you soon, now more work awaiting me to solve.

See you next update.

OneLineAd: although I have yet to cycle anything anywhere... I was paid today from my 3% daily earning. Thanks Admin.

RevShareAdvertising: earned enough in re-purchase balance to buy a new spot so I did in the Daily Earner plan. The Rev Share plan is creeping along way too slowly. Also requested a payment which I received over night.
The Admin did say an Update would be coming this week so perhaps we'll have good news about the rev share then.

PerfectAdSolution was supposed to be back last Monday. Dang. Looks like we lost another one.
Good Night PAS

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