Thursday, November 13, 2014

It Was a Long John Night

This morning when I got up,
the temp was -6 F.
Today's high will be 19 F.
Yes, I wore my Long Johns
to bed last night...
wouldn't you?

RevShareAdvertising: below is a portion of their new update. I've been happy with the Daily Earner Plan and I do have some funds sitting there that I can't withdraw since the minimum w/d is $20. So yeah, I might get up early and give this a whirl.

"We have come to the CONCLUSION of opening a new 100% revenue sharing plan with MINIMUM PURCHASE OF $5 and matures AT $125 WITH A 50/50 REPURCHASE OPTION.
The Plan will distribute 100% OF PURCHASES to members that own adshares every 60 minutes.
We did not open this plan to MAKE MONEY, but to SHARE all purchases within the 60 minutes to member that own adshares."

Opens at 6 AM my time, 8 AM EST but you don't need to be there right at launch. I'm thinking since it's shared "hourly" that if we do it before the hour is up, we should be included in the first hourly share.

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