Thursday, November 6, 2014

Been a Long Day

Been up since 5:30 which is not my normal time so today seems longer than most, obviously.

OneLineAd got off to a rough start. Well, for me anyway.
Funded my wallet before launch. Then right at launch time my DSL went offline. Waited a few minutes for it to come back. Once it did, the site was overloaded so took a long time to login. Once in, tried to purchase and again there was a long lag time. So about 13 minutes into it, I bought my matrix positions.

As of now, nothing in my matrix spots are moving but at least I'll get that 3% daily earning starting tomorrow.

There does seem to be a problem with the positioning of members and matrices which they say they're looking at. So am hoping that will be fixed sooner rather than later so as not to cause any panic.
Anyway, things will look better tomorrow, right?

The Admin of DigAdz is also the Admin of AdBonuz and he just sent an email to his AB members that goes like this...

Since 4th, April 2014 and now 7 months passed we always paid to members who got bonuses and received revenue share from sell volume. We hope you are happy and love adbonuz. (Adbonuz team)

Normally, I do not send mail if we do not have any important news. And this mail is not normal because I have good news to let you know.

We are in pre-launch NOW! New project is called "DigAdz" and I want all adbonuz members to grab account before the launch. I will be happy and I am sure you will be happy too. I will not tell you more about DigAdz but this is so awesome program in my opinion.

You can join here : (link removed)

To join us it is not necessary to use the link above, you can research or find best sponsor everywhere, Maybe on MMG, Facebook, for trust leader you know.

What is about Adbonuz future?
Good question!
Adbonuz is still and always pays, We open new project just distribute ads and all ads will run on our network to make all advertisers get more target audience. Adbonuz will last over year for sure! No any panic because Digadz is one more new program to create multiple streams of income for you.

For now Digadz is 55% in progress, and we have time to build team.
Dont miss this project



doomcrew said...

Digads looks like a winner.

blondie said...

Yeah I think so too doomcrew.

Hey where you been? Haven't seen you in ages. Hope all is good :)