Wednesday, November 5, 2014

OneLineAd Launching Tomorrow Plus...

Just a reminder that OneLineAd will be launching tomorrow at 11 AM EST.
The first time this opened was on Oct 16th and we were all having a great time until we realized the withdraw button didn't work. Seems it couldn't be fixed fast enough so the Admin closed the program and refunded everyone's spend.
So tomorrow it re-opens with a slightly different plan than before.
Minimum spend is still $5.00
Accepts STP, Payza, PM and EgoPay
The rest of the Details can be found in the Details Page on the site. Also I see we're over 900 members now so very well could reach 1K by tomorrow. Should make for an interesting and profitable launch. Fingers crossed :)

Here's a new one that just opened in prelaunch: DigAdz
Looks like everybody and their dog are getting into it.
What I know so far is the Admin is the same as AdBonuz, which unfortunately I missed out on, but understand it's been running for 7 months now.
- RevShare purchases start at $1
- Free members can also earn
- Earn up to 150% in Revenue Sharing
- Get paid Bonuses every day
- 10% RC for those who sponsor others
- Accepts STP, PM, EgoPay and PayPal
- After joining, be SURE to verify your email address from the email you receive. If you don't. you'll be removed after 24 hours.
Now since this is in prelaunch, it gives us a little time to dig into it deeper. I really liked what I read so far, so yes, this could be a good one!

I really was expecting an update from the RevShareAdvertising Admin giving us some news. Sure would be nice to hear from him. (sigh)

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