Monday, November 17, 2014

Win with DigAdz... Sure Hope So :)

Been keeping my eye on DigAdz waiting for the launch time to be announced and below are some bits and pieces of what I know so far.

I don't know about you guys, but I really want to see a good long lasting program here. I'm getting so sick and tired of these 'one day wonders' that don't pan out for most of us.

Everyone that knows this Admin Beejay, seems to be really happy with the way he's run his other program and they swear he's an honest experienced Admin. So I'm really hoping that this one will be as good as we want (and need) it to be.

- Pay Plan and Launch Date will be released when the site is 90% complete.
- Currently it is at 70% with over 7,000  8,500 pre-registered members.
- Pay Processors that will be accepted will be PayPal, STP, PM and EgoPay.

Taken from the site:
"All member start earning with free member
Or Start at $1 +
Earn revenue sharing up to 150% ROI Return
Affiliate Commission 10% for every sell ads and services
Earn 5% every your referral earn bonuses
Unlimited Earning bonuses Form ads
More useful tools and Rewards"

So there you have it.
I'll keep in touch as I learn more.

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