Saturday, November 1, 2014

Time To Fall Back

Here in the U.S., those of us on Daylight Savings Time need to set our clocks back an hour tonight to get back to our standard time. I like it. Means an extra hour of sleep for me. yay

RevShareAdvertising: I read somewhere the Admin will send an update on Monday regarding his new plan for the RevShare part of the program.
The Daily Earner seems to be doing just fine and is still giving us 3.84% per day.
Unfortunately the minimum withdraw is now $20 rather than $5 so I won't be cashing out for awhile I guess.

OneLineAd is going to open on the 6th now instead of the 9th. Cool. The 9th seemed like too long to wait.

777Payouts: I cashed out $8.44 last Thursday. Took a long time to get there, but I did and they are paying.

OneStability: completed my first 20 days with them and am now officially at BEP, so starting today will be seeing that pretty profit.


Randy V said...

I like the extra hour of sleep but I hate the darkness coming so early. It sure messes up my golf game some.

Hope you enjoyed your extra hour!

I enjoy the emails I get so I can keep up with you when I can't get on here.

Have a good week!


blondie said...

guess you need to tee off at sunrise then, lol

I did enjoy my extra hour, TY

Also thanks for hooking up with my email notification thing. It's delayed but at least you can see what I did during the day.

Have a great week yourself!
and Go Broncos :)

Henry said...

Judy,Thanks for your know I visit your site most days, even if I don't post or join in.

I've left an MMG post for reveshare advertising - I've been working to the limit and also not feeling up to scratch.

I've seen that MMG has decided to give me a 20% warning level because I didn't renew my membership (during the time I took out from HYIP) and took exception to the banner ad I still had up and was now unentitled to...

...Well I might have renewed my membership - but I won't now!


(I'm becoming (am) a grumpy old man)

Anyway...strength to Admins cause and I look forward to BEP



blondie said...

Hi Henry and Thanks for visiting.
I don't post every day now so appreciate you checking on me.

Saw your RSA post in MMG. Glad you did that. I'm sure the Admin is keeping an eye on those sort of things.

You know, you're the only one who can see that 20% warning in MMG. It's not visible to other members.
You could write to them and explain the situation but... is it worth it?

Bottom line, BEP. I've been thinking about you and hoping we make it out alive.
If it wasn't for all the whiners when the RevShare started up, could have been an entirely different story now.

Anyway, Good Luck and don't worry about being grumpy with me. I sure have my days too, lol

Cheers Henry :)