Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chopped Liver

Thanks for the coffee treebartt. That was very thoughtful, plus you make the best coffee in town ...

and Thanks for trying to send the chicken soup Paul. Even without the chicken, am sure it'll be very good. But I'm still feeling like chopped liver at the moment.

ProfitClicking: was happy to see that I cycled 3 panels and received the funds for that in my panel balance. Unfortunately, all of my withdraw requests are still pending so it's hard to get excited about something that I can't get my hands on right now.
For those of you who are new to PC, the panels I cycled were really old ones. Like a year ago maybe. Just didn't want any confusion about that.

Phinanci: new "short update" received:
Our programmer is still busy. Doing accounting quires could be quite tricky due to the encryption of the e-wallets.

Please bear with us as we are coming close to the finalization of the process. As mentioned in our previous update, there could be delays due to the technical nature of this movement.

Dedicated server
To give more stability to the software, we purchased a dedicated server to host Phinanci, so that we can provide more solid performance of the program. The server is provided and DDoS protected by BlackLotus. This will give more power to us and our members when we go in operation again.
Team Phinanci

- Roland just informed me in yesterday's comments that there are Google Banner Ads here in my blog. Right at the top he says. Well, I can't see them. Can you? Are they visible to everyone but me or perhaps in certain areas / countries? Give a holler and let me know. Thanks

ismMagic: I just upgraded my membership to Wizard for another month using my Magic Points.
- Login
- Go to: My Account
- Upgrade
Then chose your level and decide if you want to use your Magic Points (if available) or PayPal. Piece of cake and now I'm eligible for the monthly profit share. Nice :)

RicanAdFunds / ismAdsMagic: decided to post their update since there is a lot of information there. And since I sometimes lose emails, it'll help me remember what's going on too, LOL

At some stage during this week ismAdsIncome will be taken down for maintenance & updates. We will keep the downtime to a minimum.

Security Updates

Extra security features are being added to the site for your protection. These features will be obvious and on-site instructions will be included with the updates.

ismRican E-Walllet

The NEW ismRican E-Wallet processor will be added to the site, allowing you use earnings from one Rican program to purchase services / products in other Rican programs.
To access the E-Wallet you must be a member of ismMagic and activate it for each Rican program you wish to use it for. On-site instructions will be included.
Ad units purchased via the E-Wallet will be automatically approved upon successful payment.

ismMagic Bonus

To continue to receive the ismMagic Bonus after the updates, members must activate the E-Wallet for ismAdsIncome.
ISMmagic Bonuses will be automatically added to your ismMagic account when your ad units are approved.

Change of Domain

The site domain name will change from to a sub-domain of
Your existing referral links will continue to work although we request that all new adverts use the new domain after the updates.

Other Issues

As you may aware all ad purchases and withdrawals are approved manually. I am sure that most of our members like to enjoy some family and leisure time. Please note that with effect from 1st December 2012 no ad purchases or withdrawals will be approved on Sundays.
A few members make multiple withdrawals per day to the same processor placing an unnecessary workload on us. We would appreciate you not doing this.

Russell (Site Admin)


Will B said...

Congratulations on your cycled panels. In the good old JBP days it was really exciting when matrices cycled. In the past few days I have had 28 panels cycle. I would have been over the moon. Now I just feel let down because withdrawas are endlessly delayed, and because of the constantly repeated unfulfilled promises. I see todays newsflash indicates further delay in the 48 hour withdrawal. Anyway, now that that's off my chest, sorry to see you've been poorly. Get Well Soon, Will

blondie said...

Thanks Will,
Just read the newest update myself.
More delays, well we should be used to it by now, right?
Trying to get better but my body is fighting me.
Thanks again (hugs)

Brad Tramell said...

Hello, I just used my ismmagic points to upgrade to a wizard, and as of right now the earning pool for wizards is sitting at like 14$ and something. I am confused on what I can do with magic points, and what can I cash out in this program, can I withdrawl the money i get from the revenue pool at the end of the month? and, is there any other money I can withdraw from ism magic? just curious if you might have some info to help me out :)

Anonymous said...

Just a short note:
I see no Google ads on your blog.
And you would have known it because you have to install a html code for the ads.
If you didn't, then it's ok.

Greets from Canada.


hemsagar said...

I can't see any ads on your blog. Maybe Roland installed some software or something that shows ads on the browser.

blondie said...

Thanks for the info ulurtz and hensagar. Seems weird huh?

Magic Points,
yes you can use to upgrade in Magic.
be sure you have your Magic ID in your profile at ismadsincome.
you can also use the magic points for advertising banners in Magic.
I have not cashed out yet but my buddy has, so yes you can do that.
You can also use the magic points value to purchase ad pos's in ismadsincome.

When their new wallet feature is live, we may be able to do more.
I'll write about it when I learn it :)

Brad Tramell said...

How do I use the magic points to purchase packages in adsincome?

Elmer said...

Try a mix of the chicken soup with the chopped liver mixed through. Doesn't taste real nice but it sure does the trick.

Your welcome!!

Richard C said...

Greetings from one of your favourite admins (I hope :) )

Hope you are feeling better.

blondie said...

Actually it's dollars not points. I might have said that wrong.
Once you have at least $10 in your Magic account, when you go to ismAdsIncome to purchase, select ismMagic in the drop down menu where the pay processors are listed.

Elmer, Yuck!
But thanks anyway.

Hey Richard!
Of course you're one of my favorite Admins. How could you not be?
Thanks for the well wishes.
Cheerio ;)