Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PC Profit Shift Continues

ProfitClicking: after reading through 4 or so pages of forum posts today, I only spotted one that was worth sharing:

The 100% ProfitShift conversion rate was an error...

If you have 100% Conversion rate....Either go to Live Chat or to the Conference Room and let one of the Moderators know and they will take your ID. Do not put in a support ticket. And this is only for 100% Conversion.

(This info is from Lady Dale, the moderator for Thursdays Doc conference calls)

Thanks to a helpful forum member in MMG for that.
And remember folks, DO READ the Updates in your dashboard!
- reports of daily ad pack income being caught up from Nov 8 - 20. Hasn't got to me yet but I'll keep checking.
- also have received some RC from ref's ref's cycling a Panel.

Two of the greatest qualities in life are
Patience and Wisdom


Francesco Pugliese said...

Some accounts have received payment from 8 to 20 November!
Soon it will be our turn :)

Francesco Pugliese said...

UPDATE: I have received my money! EVVIVAAA!

blondie said...

You mean income in your account, Yes I was just reading that also.
Glad to see they're catching up on that part of it :)

Brad Tramell said...

trying to figure out what to do, 3 of my referrals had 100% of all their adpacks bought before oct 25th converted, and was left with a few packs that they had purchased after oct 25th, I believe this is an error right? but now I am confused because they have been payed the bulk commission, and am trying figure out if it would be wise to not spend the earnings money until IT fixes the errors or what?

blondie said...

Last I read, they're still adjusting the numbers from the profit shift.
You might want to hold off doing anything until we get notice that the numbers are final.
Did you go to live chat and ask about the 100% conversion?
I read that they are jotting down ID numbers of those who had 100% converted.

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy, I had a 100% conversion also, can you help me drop my ID in the conference room?? My internet connection is too slow to access the conference room.

blondie said...

After you log in, at the top of the page is a HELP button.
Click on that and maybe you can get to the "Live Chat".
I hear those operators are very good.

If that doesn't work, send me an email and we can go from there.