Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Might As Well Laugh

While waiting for "My ProfitShift Center" page to fill itself up with numbers and then hopefully receive some of my pending payments from ProfitClicking... thought I'd throw in a little humor today. 
Wonder if I can convince Wimpy to join me on my next grocery trip? You think the Butcher will let us slide till next Tuesday? Hmmm

Phinanci: I have seen more payments posted in the forum so that's good news. Personally, I'm going to wait a bit and see how it goes.

RicanAdFunds: was going to cash out today but decided to re-spend instead. Tomorrow will complete day 50 of my first bought ad unit. Yep, at 2% daily that's a break even point if you never re-invested or added more. I've done both so I'm into profit already :) Thanks Richard and Russell

ismAdsMagic: same here. Decided to re-spend rather than cash out. These two programs are both running great and the Admin's are top notch in my book.

BulgeInvest: fastest payments on earth, LOL
Seriously. Requested one today and received it in record time!
Thanks to the Admin for being on the ball.

I have some other things going through my head but don't feel like being serious right now. Would rather enjoy that burger with Wimpy at this point. So maybe tomorrow if I'm in the mood. Or better yet... maybe tomorrow I'll have something more fun to chat about, eh?
Over and Out.

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Good job!