Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dinner with the Zig Zag Man

Why is it, any time family comes in from Michigan, I get sick?
Do they bring me cold germs which are foreign to Colorado or what?
It was good to see my youngest nephew and his wife for Thanksgiving though, so I can't complain too much.
Also found myself having TG dinner with the Zig Zag Man at the big table. Well, see for yourself! How can you not see the resemblance? LOL


I better do some updates while I still have some energy.

ProfitClicking: nothing new in my account today except for some RC from referrals who are cycling their Panels. Nice :)
There is a new update in your dashboard, but it just says to wait a little longer to get back on track, besides pushing the 3% daily that is.
Now here's what I'm curious about...
- they tried to do the profit shift
- then they paid us our daily ad pack income from Nov 8 - 20 based on 'after profit shift' numbers
- now they figured out the profit shift numbers weren't correct, so they're re-doing it
- So now, will they 'take back' the earnings they gave us for the 8-20 and re-do that too?
Actually I hope they do. Since some members were hit with a 100% shift which can't be correct. So by re-calculating the shift, you should have a few bucks coming that you did not see before.
- but what if someone already spent that on new ad packs? Or what if someone already put in a withdraw request for those dollars? See what I mean. It's still very confusing and I hope we're all notified when the final decisions are made and our results are in.

Phinanci: supposed to return today but seems there is a delay.
Facebook update: New banners are ready, still working on the management of accounts in a loss. Update might be slightly delayed. Stay tuned.

ismAdsIncome: celebrating 101 days online! My own account keeps growing since I purchase regularly along with requesting cash-outs. Also noticed they added a picture of Richard along with Russell on the front page, so now you can see who you're dealing with :)

RicanAdFunds: is 61 days young today and still going strong!

ProfitClicking: later in the day... I see some change in my account now so will go check it out and report on that later or tomorrow since I'm feeling blah. Where's the NyQuil?

Hey, I just got my wheels back.
Still clunky as ever but will hopefully last a few more years!


Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

Just catching up. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I lost my brother the day before Thanksgiving so it was a tough one. I did get some turkey with my cousin so I didn't miss out on the big meal. It has been a tough November but I know things are going to be better.

Sorry I missed you but I had no computer with late...Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a good week!


blondie said...

Oh Randy, so sorry to hear that.

Glad that you were able to have a good TG at least, considering the circumstances.

No worries about the late TG wishes, you just take care :)

Andrea said...

Hi Judy,

A personal question (you don't have to answer): Are HYIPs/TEs your main source of income? I'm asking because I would like to know that it is possible to build a full time income like this.


blondie said...

Hi Andrea,
I don't like to share too much information about my finances in my blog, but yes it is possible.
Cheers :)