Sunday, November 4, 2012

Change Your Clocks if in the U.S.

Enjoyed a beautiful sunrise this morning, earlier than normal. Oh yeah, the time change went into effect for us today.

Just a few updates while I'm sitting here cause my back really hurts so need to keep moving around.

ProfitClicking: while I was eating breakfast, received a Payza payment from PC that was requested on Oct 3rd. Now I still have an EgoPay pending since Oct 1st but it's OK, at least they're coming.
- also got my daily ad pack income for 10-31 thru 11-2 in a combined payment
- also been re-purchasing a lot of new Ad Packs since the Profit Shift announcement. Hey, ya can't take it with ya so might as well spend it, LOL

Phinanci: last day of the weekend to purchase using account balance. I did that yesterday and will probably do it again today.
Also received a payment from PHI right after I logged off last night. Great work Admin, keep it up :)

RAF: noticed my first spend has received income for 40 days now. That's 80% back already and we're just getting started here. Remember guys, it's 2% x 125 Days and the Admin has been impeccable.

ismAdsIncome: has been online for 80 days and I joined early on also. Today I have 79 days credited which at 1.5% daily is 118.5% back from my first spend. And this one runs for 200 Days! Wow!
PS, just bought 5 more ad units there.

I often wonder why some people have to join so many different programs? Yeah yeah I know, diversify. But how many times have you put 10 dollars here and 100 dollars there just to have it disappear?
I see a lot of new programs being launched right now and to be honest with you, most of them look like crap to me.
Now of course I've missed opening day for a few good ones but... I feel better knowing that what I'm "playing" in and adding funds to feels more secure than some of those new ones run by kids (yes kids) who's only purpose is to start a program to see how much they can scam you out of for their Christmas fund.
It's that time of year you know and you really do need to be careful with what's being advertised now.
Over and out :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,
Did you locate a link to last Thursday's call? I can't find one anywhere!
Your friend to the south ;)

blondie said...

No, I never did.
Found this though:
but last Thursdays call isn't posted yet.
Will check again tomorrow.
Night :)

Will B said...

The clock change business can cause a lot of confusion. In Europe the clocks go back a week earlier than US. I read that people missed the call because it was an hour earlier than usual. The clock change may be the reason for that. I think PC Time is the same as Central European Time.
I'm getting confused even thinking about it (:-) Will.

blondie said...

I know what you mean Will.
Every time we do a change it throws me off big time.
I know Dayle is in Florida but don't have a clue where Doc is, although he sounds American.
So not sure why they would use the Europe time for that.
Anyway... Have a great day!

doomcrew said...

Good advice on being careful this time of year, especially the latest trend the drawn out never launch prelaunch. Frankly you have to use sites like PC to hopefully get a nice chunk of profit to then fund stable long term companies like neobux or bannersbroker. If you do diversify in such companies and also have sites like PC working for you it gives you options, such as moving to a cheaper city to pay less rent and live off online income.

blondie said...

Interesting thoughts.
Besides PC and the other two you mentioned, I feel some others may fit that bill also.

I have a mortgage (not rent) and recently found out I was getting hosed on my flood insurance (no pun intented). They had me in the wrong zone.
So starting next year my house payment will be much lower than before.

Good Luck on your quest.

Borg said...

Hey Judy,

I just wanted to say that if you try to renew your membership (level 1 for instance) , make sure to re-log as you might not see your dashboard updated.

Unfortunately, I did the mistake of upgrading for the same membership twice as I did not read the small text which said to re-log if the dashboard did not update. Also, the extra money I spent is non-refundable, so be careful :)


blondie said...

Thanks for the reminder Gabriel and I've posted that today.