Thursday, November 8, 2012

Don't Worry - Be Happy

Don't worry... am not gonna play that song, lol
I feel like ranting today but maybe I better update first.

The new one, BulgeInvest has started out really good. Seeing a lot of old friends (and new ones) in the forum that I frequent, all joining in on the fun.
- received my first 9% daily last night but decided to wait until morning to re-purchase with it. Mornings are just better for me. Also made a new spend while I was there. Hey it's early, and 15 days is gonna go by real fast!
Thanks to those who joined me so far.

Phinanci: still rockin my world and I received another payment from them today. WhooHooo!

It's Ground Hog day at ProfitClicking for me. No, not like the celebration day... more like the movie if you get my drift.

Received a disturbing email from RAF and ismAdsIncome.
Disturbing why?
Well, read it and tell me what you think!
We have two great Admin's here, running a clean show, making daily payments and allowing us to earn a good deal of money.
Then we have folks who sign up, then sign up again and again under themselves just for the RC. Now that's just frickin greedy no matter how you look at it!

"IsmAdsIncome continues to be successful providing its members with a sustainable passive income. We should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support.

As with any successful enterprise there are always those who want to cheat and IsmAdsIncome is no exception.

For the avoidance of doubt please note, that whilst is permissible to have more than one member per household, a member may only have ONE account.

We are in the process of adding further security measures to stop anyone opening multiple accounts and effectively claiming all three levels of commission on their own purchases. Those of you who do this are not only cheating IsmAdsIncome but your sponsor.

Accounts that we suspect of cheating will be suspended immediately and proof of identity will be required for them to be reactivated. Earnings will continue to accrue on all suspended accounts so honest members will never lose out.

We have not closed any accounts so far, but where there is clear evidence of cheating we reserve the right do so. Multiple members withdrawing to the same account will be deemed clear evidence of multiple memberships and cheating.

Our reason for taking this action is to protect your interests.

Thanks to the Admins Richard and Russell for taking control of this problem. I know it happens all the time in a lot of programs. so it's good to know that these two are on top of it. Thumbs up R&R and good luck cleaning up our site.
PS, bought 5 more ad packs today in RicanAdFunds and MY upline is Richard the Admin. So there! lol

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