Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just a Quickie Today

ProfitClicking: no change as of now.
- no profit shift numbers yet.
- no payments received either.

Phinanci: waiting for an update to see what's going on. Some are reporting late payments again so am anxious to hear the real deal.

RicanAdFunds: credited for 50 days since my first spend at 2% daily. You do the math :)

ismAdsIncome: 90 day anniversary today and I've been credited for 89 days of my first spend there. Right on.

BulgeInvest: site has been having hiccups today. Sometimes it comes up fine, other times not. So if you get a time-out, don't worry and try again later.
- just got in a requested a small Ego Pay payment which have always been paid really fast.
- and today is no different. Paid already!

My Boys - Chillin 


Susan P said...

Awwwww, so sweet to see your boys! My Dante looks pretty much like your tabby, except he is about twice as big!

Re: Phinanci, I have a pending from Monday so like you I am wondering if we will hear something. Crossing my fingers....

Anonymous said...

Black cat has devil eyes!
But they are so cute :D

blondie said...

Hey Susan,
The tabby is pretty big, or should I say fat. He's a good eater of everything! (remember he loves twinkies)

Re: PHI, I think an update will come out soon since someone just noticed a change in their account.
Fingers crossed here too.

Well the light from the flash made the bright eyes on the black cat. TG he doesn't always look like that, hehe
Take care :)