Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney

I'm sure you've seen this clip on the news but this little girl is adorable and yes, I know how she feels.
"Why are you crying Abbey?"

Happy Birthday again Randy V.
Randy and I go a long way back and it's always a pleasure to read his comments here when he has time to post.
Hope you had a GREAT BIRTHDAY yesterday and looking forward to many more! WhooHoooo!!!
(psst, next year I get to play you that song)

ProfitClicking: there is a new update posted in your dashboard which includes some info about upgrading to Level 1 membership.
To add to that, once you upgrade and pay the fee, you must log out then back in to the dashboard to see it credited. Else you may end up paying it twice.
(Thanks for the comment reminder on that Gabriel :)
- received my weekend earning on daily ad pack sales today, credited for 11-3 and 11-4.
- purchased another big handful of Ad Packs.
- unfortunately, nothing else to report at this time.

Phinanci: still looks good from where I sit.
I started on day 1 and have only played in the 50 day plan... so as of today I have 20% profit from that first spend and climbing. Nice!

RAF: been switching off between buying new positions and cashing out. That way you get your seed money back while building on your own account.
- received a payment a few hours ago so next time I'll be purchasing again.

ismAdsIncome: yesterday bought myself 5 more positions. This one is growing really nice too. Thumbs up!

Just for Fun, I decided to join a new program that opened today!

Guess I was feeling silly and when I read the program name, it made me laugh. Could be good for a quick buck and then play with profit after that.
I wouldn't risk too much. Usually the higher daily % programs are of course more risky, but like I said... just wanted to have a little fun and feed the gambler in me. I really like the look of the site too.

- 9% x 15 days = 135%
- Daily earnings and withdrawals
- Min deposit is $5 
- Min withdraw is $1
- you can make new deposits from account balance
- Accepts LR, STP, EgoPay and PM
- 3% RC for those who like to refer
- Secure and licensed script
- DDoS protected by BlackLotus

Well hell, seems like a great day to have some fun ;)


junglist said...

Hi Blondie, It looks like Phinanci is paying well right now, but do you know of anyone who has withdrawn money from them yet? I've read the MMG forum on it but I don't know any of those people, might be 'bots for all I know ;)

blondie said...

Hi junglist,
Well I've been paid several times and I do know a lot of those people in MMG. Some I've known for several years. I don't think I've seen one 'bot' or paid poster in that thread.

Yes, some admins do hire paid posters but not in this case.

Hope that helps if you had any concern.
Cheers :)

Randy V said...

Thanks again Judy. I look forward to that song but I really want to wait a "long" year before then. I don't know about my comments but I sure enjoy reading yours.

Thanks so much.