Friday, November 16, 2012

What? No More Twinkies?

Was sad today to hear about the Hostess plants shutting down and closing.
No more Twinkies or Wonder Bread?
My cat was upset too since he loves Twinkies with a passion.
I would hope someone else purchases the plants and keeps the recipes the same since it's a household name around these parts.

ProfitClicking: there's a new update on the site which covers some of what Doc said on the call last night. Yeah, I listened to it and made notes and will post a few things here. But do read the latest update for yourself.
- Profit Shift has started and will take several days to complete. (have not seen any change in my own account yet)
- Daily Ad Pack earnings are paused until the PS is complete. (they will catch up afterwards)
- Starting today you will earn 3% daily on NEW Ad Packs purchased. (that's with new pay processor money... not money already in your account)
You will earn the 3% only through the month of Nov, then it will revert to the regular 2% and 1%
- On or about Nov 19th new withdrawal requests will be paid in 48 hours.
- Pending withdrawal requests will run side-by-side with them until they're caught up. (could take a month)
- Panels can be purchased now but there's no placements being done at the moment. That will take some time to catch up also.
- New Buttons on the site: 24/7 Conf Room, Training etc.
- Level 1, you should be upgraded if you have at least 4 ad packs that are expired or will expire very soon, so that you receive the Panel(s) when the profit shift is completed.

OK that about covers it. I'm not rushing to do anything with my account right now. I am already upgraded to Level 1 and waiting for the big Shift. More importantly, am waiting on pending payments at the moment. My oldest pending is from Oct 1st.
Not complaining, Just reporting.

Phinanci: looking for an update but don't see one :(
From where I sit, we're now receiving 1.5% Daily for 100 Days. The FAQ's have not been updated yet nor have their banners, so I've stopped promoting for the time being. Just waiting on that dang update.
Just Arrived:

Due to a series of unexpected events, which all accumulated, has put Phinanci in a position where it has become necessary for us to make some changes in order to continue offering a lucrative earning opportunity for our members. We are obviously not thrilled about this; however we see no other alternative, than to restructure. We are moving to a new more stable and sustainable platform.
The new platform is based on a single plan paying 1.5% daily for 100 days with deposit minimum of $5 USD and no maximum.

Both current running plans are changed to 1.5% daily for 100 days, and deposits in the 20 Days Expiry plan are also set to this new plan. The program is on hold at the moment. No new withdrawals are allowed. Deposits are still accepted in the new 1.5% daily plan.
Our programmer is working on evaluating and auditing all accounts.

The consequence for accounts in profit is that they will have all of their active deposits expired and account balances cleared.
All accounts in loss will keep their active deposits and continue earning in this new plan.
If your account is in profit you will get all balances cleared and all active deposits expired. To continue earning in Phinanci you will have to deposit again.
The restructure will be ready for 25th of November, when we will open withdrawals again and continue from where we stand. All banners and information on site will be reflected according to this new direction.

New withdrawal schedule

Due to increased volume of workload from the ever enlarging membership, requests will be processed from 12 to 48 business hours (Monday to Friday). You can expect withdrawal requests made on Friday not earlier than Monday and for withdrawal requests made on Saturday and Sunday, not earlier than Tuesday.

Due to enlarged membership and the ever increasing workload of processing payments, we have updated the Terms of payment.

Thank you for the understanding.
Team Phinanci

I'll be back with a comment after I get home from the store.
* Back finally. The update sounds good and much better than the alternative. Also I would assume that being 'in profit' or 'not in profit' means via pay processor funds. I'll try to get that verified. But in the meantime, will put this on hold for now.

BulgeInvest: have been getting daily payments from it. The first few days I reinvested (re-spent) my earnings. But now trying to hold back on doing that until I get a little more of my seed money out. Been reading the forums and facebook and everyone is happy. When I get a little closer to my BEP (break even point) will be adding more funds again. Coolio :)

ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds: I was going to write about them both but it's hard to keep giving a high-five to these Admins all the time, lol
Most times when I write it's because of a problem or change or something stupid that I can see. But that's never been the case here.
I've been pleased as punch since day one with both of these programs, so how many times can I post that or say Thanks to Richard and Russell for doing such an outstanding job? Well, I guess one more time won't hurt...
Thanks Richard and Russell for all you do!
You guys rock!!!

I can name that tune in 5 notes 


Jay said...

Not sure if Im more sad about the closing of the hostess plant or profitclicking. Profitclicking is done, the delays are a joke its just become a waste of time so I think Rican is going to be the huge site .

blondie said...

Funny you mentioned that Jay and you're not the first person to think that way.
Rican is doing great and I was just getting ready to write about them too.
Hope Richard reads your comment. He'll enjoy hearing that :)