Friday, November 2, 2012


Did I hear Funky Shark is kaput? Well, am not surprised. Glad I didn't join.

Halloween: was really disappointed in my turnout of a whopping 4 kids. Had a good dozen baggies of several candies ready to go but no one else came. I suppose the recent crime nearby could be the reason. So sad :(

Again I say... who's bright idea was it to get ProfitClicking on the MNO blog and monitor? The monitor is showing it as Scam since they don't pay according to their terms. Carl or Doc or somebody needs a spanking for that!

One more thing before I update.
Has anyone here in the US gotten a price for Medical Insurance lately? If you need to buy it, and are unemployed, OMG!
I had to search for prices yesterday and found one company, who was supposed to give a 'good deal', wanted damn near 3K a month for 2 people with a low deductible. A lot of people don't even earn 3K per month, or 2 for that matter! And our government wonders why so many American's are not insured! Good Grief!!

ProfitClicking: yesterday I received my daily ad pack income for 10/30. Today I read in the forum that someone received a combined payment for 10/31 through 11/2. Really? OK, I'll wait my turn for that.
Nothing else to report at this time. Still staring at my pending withdraw request from 10/1 and you know I'll let you know when I receive it.

Phinanci: doing great and I received another payment yesterday. Oh and we're past the 100% back mark from your first spend. It's been running long enough for you all to have gotten your 'seed money' out by now. Cheers!

Just realized a Phinanci Interview has been posted HERE. So if you decide to join now, after reading it... please remember where you saw it first. Thank you ;)

RicanAdFunds: was nice to see Richard (Admin) commenting here in my Halloween post. Guess he's keeping an eye on me just like I'm keeping an eye on him, hehe. Well, he and Russell are doing a fantastic job and I couldn't ask for anything better.

ismAdsIncome: got another payment from them today! Yesterday I used my ismMagic monthly earnings (yes I'm a Wizard) to buy more Ad spots in AdsIncome, then bought a couple more from my AdsIncome earnings... and still had some left over for a withdraw. Can't beat that!

Need to look at some new programs that I've been asked to check out. Well, we'll see :)

If anyone noticed I recently removed the Ads2Cycle banner from my side bar. Yes it's still working and yes I'm still in it but ... some who joined under me seem to be a little upset that it's taking so long for the 'passive' members to complete a matrix and actually get their seed money back.
So once it's moving a bit faster, I might add it back. But in the meantime, I don't want any more followers who may also end up disappointed.
PS, my seed money is still in the system since I re-spent what I've made so far.


Anonymous said...

Regarding medical insurance, have you tried Medicaid or CICP? I live approximately 100 miles south of you and was on CICP for a couple of years, then managed to get Medicaid. Because you're right, there is no way to afford insurance on our own.

Regarding PC. I joined in June (to give you an idea of how new I am), and as of right now, which is 11:00 a.m. MDT, I have not received the combined 10/31 - 11/02 either. Whoever posted that must be VERY new.

Have a good day!

Thatone Guyhmm said...

Hi there, In Profit Clicking, I am happy we are receiving daily earnings more consistently here and there, but if they are gonna fix this, they have to get down the number list much faster, it is taking like 36 hours to get to me once they start a payment cycle, I thought this was all gonna be fixed with these new super servers, but its still taking the same amount of time as they did in Just Been Paid, I wonder what their plan is to speed through it faster? I really hate how they are doing the bulk payouts too, I am missing out on a lot of account building before the profit shift due to this, It almost seems like they are doing it on purpose so we cant build bigger, but whatever I guess, just have to wait and see

blondie said...

Thanks for the info on Medical help Anonymous.
Will check into those when I have another few hours to read, lol

Good comment and I can't disagree with you. However as you said, we just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy

I just had to comment on your 4 trick or must live in a very remote area, because I'm shocked at how little amount of kids you get.
I give out over 100 bags every
year!! lol
Guess that's what I get for living in the city.

Program wise, all is well, especially with our full of baloney program. hehehe
Take care, my dear.


PS: I had to come back and say how I hate proving I'm not a robot! I can never make out those darn letters/characters. Usually takes me more than one attempt. lol Not only here, but everywhere they have them!
OK let's see if 3rd time is a charm.

doomcrew said...

Im glad you brought up the shark because for whatever reason some admins insist that they can make this auction model work and they just cant period. The pc monitor listing is nothing shocking for anyone who has been there over the years. Had they paid the monitor to be the exclusive home of pc news etc. we would never hear a bad thing there about pc. They deal with daily paying hyips most of which fail within a week so its a joke, they make thier money off referrals so why he would write off pc makes no sense.

blondie said...

Hey Tree,
Yes, my little street just goes around the block and that's it. If you don't know it's here, you'd miss it. But didn't see any of the kids on the street, which was weird.

Yep, having fun with the bologna too.

Is my code thing hard to do? Sorry about that but you wouldn't believe the crap spam I get without it.
Thanks for trying until you got it right :)

Hi doomcrew,
Sure I know how MNO and Monitors work, I'm just surprised that no one gave Paul any history about this and he jumped to his regular reporting stuff.
PC is not a HYIP and I still don't know WHY they thought putting it in Monitors was a good idea.
and yes, if MNO keeps it on his site and things pick up again, he could make a ton of money from it.
I better leave it at that.
The rest of my thoughts weren't as polite.