Thursday, December 29, 2011

Things To Do List

I have a long list of things to do today, and will try to squeeze them all in. After I throw some peanuts to that squirrel looking in my window, lol

JBP-JSS: my wonder program for the year!
My blocked STP and LR payments were finally released overnight. So today I got paid from all three pay processors! YaY!
Remember they are giving a free $10 to "first time" new members in the Tripler. And soon will be putting $10 in existing members Tripler accounts who have never funded nor bought a position. From there, you can start earning 2% daily to see how it all works. The $10 will be deducted back out of your account after 60 days but by then, you may have added to it and earned a lot more. PS, there is no RC given on the free 'loan' money. So cheaters are not welcome.

PXSense: it's being worked on and coming around nicely. Finally found where the pixel page is, although I believe it was just added.
If you click on Pixel Advertisement, then Learn More. There is a link there that says Demo: Click here to view our Pixel Page. And there it is!
Awfully tiny pixels for someone with reading glasses held together with bathtub caulk. So once I find my magnifying glass, I'll be able to see what's being advertised by others :)

Lucid Nature: getting anxious to see my first days interest earned from yesterdays purchase. I think I got another hour and 1/2 to go. So I'll be back.
*Yep, right on the money! Got my 1.5% credited to my account. Very nice indeed.

You know what I really like about the 3 programs I've listed above? You get an email for every move you make or every move your referral makes. It's fun to get an email that you've referred someone, or that you made a dollar from their spend. Or in the case of JBP, that you've cycled one of your matrices or one of your referrals cycled a matrix. I enjoy getting these emails daily and it's heart warming to know that my referrals (and their referrals) are doing good in these games also!

We're expecting Gale Force Winds here. Up to 80 MPH gusts they tell me. Well, I have a new roof so I just hope it doesn't blow away today. Wonder if that bathtub caulk would work for that too? LOL

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