Friday, December 30, 2011

Blondie is a banned word

Just tried to order myself a personalized coffee mug and it wouldn't accept the name "Blondie". Said it's obscene or has obscene letters somewhere in it. LOL What? I don't see it. Oh well, on to plan B.

JBP-JSS: good conference call this morning with Carl who announced that every member who joined the Tripler but never put any money in, now has $10 in their Tripler account that will start earning 2% daily, and you should have received an email about that.
Q. to a free member: is the money in your Tripler account waiting, or has a Tripler already been purchased with it?
- Soon there will be a calculator on the site so you can determine your future earnings and how to make it better.
- Perfect Money pay processor will be added soon also.
- Placements are currently taking about 10 days to fill.
Everything sounds good to me. Had a few more triplers 'complete' today so I replaced those in double. Meaning for every 4 that expire, I purchase 8. Working like a charm, still building and of course cashing out!


Anonymous said...

Did he explain why those who add stp accounts are blocked and it then takes multiple support tickets to get the withdrawl ?

blondie said...

No he didn't but I thought it was in one of their update emails.

They need to be sure it's YOUR STP account being added to your profile. Therefore, verification is needed.

To speed it up, you could make a small STP deposit to JSS. Then when they DO verify, they will see that it is the same account.

Hope that makes sense.

Randy V said...


Have a very Happy New Year. I wish only the best for you and your family for 2012. Wow..2012 sounds strange. I guess we will all get use to it.

Thanks for being my friend.

Have a great day!


blondie said...

Happy New Year to you too Randy.
I don't think 2012 sounds strange. I sort of like it actually. One year closer to getting my house paid off, LOL
Have a great day yourself and thanks also for being a good friend!