Friday, December 23, 2011


Home for the weekend I think. My Grand Doggies sure enjoyed my visit the last two days. I'm just glad that I was able to get there safely with all this snow we had yesterday. Nice to see it warming up today and melting a little.

JBP-JSS: it's about Noon my time and the Tripler feed is running now. I did cycle one matrix yesterday and spent my $60 bonus on placements and premiums for others that I have waiting.

Did you see The Beach Boys song I posted yesterday? All those crying kids in Santa's lap reminded me of Olivia doing the same thing. Too cute :)

Oh the New Program I hinted at yesterday, rumor has it launching some time after Christmas. Stay tuned.

Quite a while ago I mentioned Hula's Site where is is accepting donations for the American Cancer Society. While surfing today I came across her site again and was disappointed that she's only raised $45 of her $100 goal for the year. If you recall, I got that ball rolling with a $25 contribution. Something to consider if you can spare a few dollars. Thanks

Feeling kind of blah today, can you tell?
I'll be back if and when I cheer up.

Gord just sent me this to help my attitude today.
Isn't he sweet? LOL 

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