Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Always Somethin

I have this boss daddy vacuum that I've had for about 2 years now. Two years is almost a miracle cause with my hair, vacuums don't usually last that long.
Anyway been having trouble finding the belts for it, (which I need to replace often), so TG for the internet. Went to eureka.com and bingo! Got me 2 new belts and 3 new bags coming in a week.
Happy to keep the UPS in business and save on my own gas. YaY!

Tripler2: The below is regarding the hold up with Alert Pay payments. Another thought that came to mind (read in a forum) was all the Monthly Subscriptions we created at the start, then we all went in and Cancelled those Sub's. I suppose that would be a good reason for AP to want to investigate T2 more carefully. It's all good and Dave will be sending out an official update later today.

Alertpay have received and verified all documents at this moment, and I have taken this opportunity while we are down for withdrawals at present to change accounts from Chris who was originally a partner, but then moved to a none attached role in the background and remained the account holder because we did not want or need the upheaval of a change of account so soon after the launch, also we were a bit wary of how Alertpay would react to this type of request..

So I have taken the decision to use this opportunity to go through the motions of transfer from Chris to me, and seeing that the domain and hosting etc is all registered in my name it seems too good an opportunity to let pass by.

So I am glad to announce that Alertpay have totally agreed to do the switch and are happy to proceed under my name and business identity. This just requires now, the validation of my own documents etc, then they will turn us back on again.

So at last a bit of good news. I will keep everyone up to date on any developments.

But the important thing is..... T2 lives and breathes just as strongly as before. It is just so regrettable they chose a week before Christmas to do this, some folks must have been relying on that withdrawal for Christmas, and i am so sorry this has happened at this time. It is the first thing that jumped in my mind when i noticed that withdrawals were not processing.. it could not have come at a worse time. Please accept my humblest apologies.

JBP-JSS: Apparently there is a new 8% withdrawal fee that was recently added. I did read their Notice about it but might wait until tomorrow to share more. Pretty sure they'll send out a new Update Letter and let us know all about it. Can't wait.
OK, later in the evening, here we go:

(^_^) JBP/JSS - Terrific Tuesday Update!
Welcome to all our new members!

Thanks to our promoters, JBP is growing
like crazy! Yesterday was an all-time
record for new JSS-Tripler positions
bought! Total JSS payouts have passed
the $10 million mark!

Our Alexa traffic rating is hitting new
highs as you can see on our Blog:


JSS-Tripler now has 50,407 members,
growing by over 500 new members a day.
An important reason for this is that
the JSS-Tripler / JSS combination is
an indefinitely sustainable system.

We're running a "major surplus" in
Solid Trust Pay and a "minor surplus"
in Liberty Reserve, while our AlertPay
funds have been declining. To achieve
balance, please use STP as your first
choice for withdrawals and LR as your

(My own pay is via STP and I use ACH
to transfer funds to my bank account
every week.)

An explanation of withdrawal limits:


Scroll down to "What about withdrawals?"

Starting today, there will be an "8%
Withdrawal Fee." The reasons for this
are provided on the above page.

Within the next few days, a "$10 free
money" pay-it-forward feature will be
implemented. When members open their
JSS-Tripler accounts, they automatically
get a $10 credit in their JSS-Tripler
accounts. They can use this to buy a
JSS-Tripler position and immediately
start earning 2% per day.

(It's actually a "loan" because 90
days later their JSS accounts will
be debited with $10.)

Existing JSS-Tripler members who
have not yet funded their JSS-Tripler
accounts will also receive the "$10
free money."

You'll be able to tell your prospects
that just by joining, they get "$10
free money" that immediately starts
earning 2% per day!

Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann

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