Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Black December

Not sure what to talk about today. 
Maybe once I get started things will just roll off my tongue, lol 
Sometimes I think of 'subject lines' that end up being a lot of bitching. I don't like to bitch in public so most times I try to keep my cool. But tell you what, if you ever visit the public 'money making' forums, you'll see a lot of folks name calling and pointing fingers where fingers shouldn't go. And it's especially hard to read when they're pointed at you. Wonder why folks do that anyway? Strange bunch they are.

This is December and although it's not been Black for me, I got a feeling it will be for others. It's that time of year when new programs open and close in the blink of an eye. Try not to get suckered into those if you can help it.
I'm not saying that everything that opens in December will bust. But remembering some other Decembers here online... it's not been pretty. So be careful in what you choose to play in. Better safe than sorry.

Oh a happier note: JBP-JSS: is still my top dog. Listened to Carl again this morning who mentioned that LR funds should be available for withdraw sometime this week along with STP. You can deposit with LR and STP now, but cannot withdraw. So hopefully that will be an available option soon.
Also as mentioned yesterday, my Triplers that were bought on 9/22 have now expired, so I went in and replaced them with new ones. Trying to keep the same level of earning (or more) that I've built it up to, without going overboard.
Maybe that's why I've been so calm lately. I'm not doing anything online that would 'freak me out' if it didn't work the way I had planned. Doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy having a good bitch fest though, LOL 

Tripler2: off to a great start. It's been what... 2 weeks since the DP's went on sale. So those who bought on opening day have already earned back 28% of their spend. I think a lot of folks are "building" right now. Using their earnings to purchase more DP's. I don't blame them one bit. Now is a good time to build them up and maybe cash out your 'seed money' a little later. I'm not worried about this one, even with the time of year it is. I think it was in the planning stage for a long time and just so happen to be ready to go now. Fine by me and hoping to see this one at the end of 2012 along with JBP.

I had a "list of things to do today" but only about half of it got done. Oh well, there's always tomorrow right?


imran said...

hey what abt centurion wealth circle what is going on. any updates

blondie said...

I dropped a note to Larry a couple of days ago and asked for the status.
Have not heard back yet.
Will post when I know what's going on.