Monday, December 12, 2011

Feed Me Feed Me

JBP-JSS: Enjoyed watching another Tripler Feed today and received two emails that said "Your JSS Matrix is Full!"
Bonus! (or is that boo-yah?)
In any case, a lot of members cycled their matrices today which is always a bonus to see. Congrats!!

Tripler2: Been sort of busy today with other things so it's always nice to log in and see my daily 2% earnings, whether I'm standing there with my hand out or not, LOL

Strange thing happened this morning:
I received an "Ad" for another program (maniaccycler) that was sent from 'David Bell'. Hmmm
Thought something seemed fishy so I wrote to him and asked if he sent that. HE DID NOT!
Now, who in their right mind would try to do something so stupid? I'm sure it's NOT just coincidence that a second person by the name David Bell just happen to appear when "our" David Bell is working hard on his Tripler2 program. So am shaking my head. Just another loser trying to trick us. Idiot!!!
I would say, if you received it too, ignore it. Probably just a Scam waiting for your hard earned money for 'their' Christmas cash.


doomcrew said...

Always a must read , love the blog Blondie.

Petrus said...

Hi Blondie,
I received the same email. Can only be a black December money making scam. I'll just continue with JSS Trip and Trippler 2.

Profit Hub said...

Hi Blondie! Yeah I received the same e-mail too! I find it suspicious that someone would send that out after your interview with the real "Dave" was posted. Sounds like soemeone is trying to cash in his name. People always amaze me with their sneakiness.

blondie said...

Hi doomcrew and Thanks :)

Yes me too Petrus. Unless something new and really cool comes along, lol

Gwen, yes people are sneaky sometimes. Still can't believe someone was stupid enough to try 'cashing in on his name' like you said. Although I've gotten bitched at about a 'blondie' video that was NOT me. So who knows how their minds work.

Take care y'all