Friday, December 16, 2011

Assembly Required :(

Picked up two gifts yesterday for my grand daughter. They came unassembled in the box. Argh! Found the screwdrivers. Got one put together this morning with no parts or pieces left over. Phew! Can't show you what it is yet cause my kids sometimes read my blog and I don't wanna spoil the surprise.
WHY do they have to make the instructions so difficult though?
It's like you gotta be an Einstein to figure them out.
Anyway, it'll all be worth it when Olivia gets to see what it is. As long as it doesn't have a picture of Santa on it, it's all good. LOL

Sorry O. 
Couldn't resist posting that one more time.
What a crack up!

GBC: Just received a nice payment from Gord at GBC for one of my 40 Boards completing. Also bought another Easy 40 today which gave me another bonus. Woohooo. Thanks Gord!

JBP-JSS: nothing new to report on. All is fine and dandy. I do want to Thank Frederick Mann, Carl Pearson and everyone involved in JBP. No stress yesterday while I wrote that thousand (plus) dollar check to my roofing guy. What a relief to get that done and paid for!

Tripler2: I did decide at the last minute yesterday to request a payout. Was surprised to see it in my Alert Pay in a matter of minutes! Now that's good service!!
If you try to look there today, and the site is down, read yesterday's update about that (posted here in my blog).
No worries :)

Was doing some Traffic Exchange surfing the other night and realized I won a buck in their latest drawing. Only had to surf 50 sites that day to be qualified.
Where did you win a buck blondie? 
At ShowBiz Hits, where else?
Once you're a member, you can receive email updates about any promo's they have in the pipeline. You won't make a million, but if you have something you want to Advertise, it's a fun way to build your credits and do a little promo for your stuff. Cool :)


Randy V said... are more brave than me. I remember all the years putting things together. I have passed that trait on to my kids. Its nice to get something like that for the grandkids and then let Dad put it together. I know they appreciate it!!!

Have a good weekend!

Randy V

blondie said...

Well Randy,

I been looking at the 2nd box all afternoon. Then looking at my beat up hands. Haven't decided yet WHO is going to put it together.

Oh I might just tackle it tomorrow, we'll see.

Nice to see you as always :)
Have a great weekend!

Gord said...

LOL.. good pic.

Same here.. going through
instructions. Of course when
you pick then up ... it's all
greek , french ..everything
but English. That always seems
to be on the bottom or last.

Scatter time, I put extra pieces
in little ziplog bags in case
somebody notices. If it looks
and works right..what do I need
all those

Have fun constructing!

blondie said...

English Gord?
They don't even tell you what do to. Just pictures. Shows piece A attaching to C and use screws H and J. Dang!
And the 2nd box looks worse than the first.
Wish me luck!